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How dangerous is Innistrad if you have jumped Overlord beforehand? How powerful are the mayor threats like Avacyn, the beings in the Helvault, or vampires as old as Sorin?

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>not ascending into beings of pure Good

How painful it is, to witness such squandering of potential!

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The first answer is "not on /tg/". /tg/ is mostly people who bash the game. See >>33847409 , >>33847548 , and probably the rest of this thread in twenty minutes for examples.

Your best bet is to meet people in person. Leave a "looking for group" ad in your game store, or ask around. If there are no game stores, a comics shop is a decent second bet.

Of course, not all of those GMs will be "quality", but there are more of them who run games in person than online. If you don't like the game or campaign, do not be afraid to make an exit, but try to stay friends and keep contact with the other players so that you have a base to draw players from when you or a friend start a new game. A quicker-to-play backup game like Magic: the Gathering is great for this, so you can play things with your friends in between or alongside RPG campaigns.

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Who makes an angel's clothes? Are they just part of them? Are there genitals to be hidden under there?

Are their heavenly tailors? Do they have to buy their outfits? Can you catch an angel mid-transaction? Can you buy some yourself?

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What kind of word is that? Google comes up with "likes to plant trees".
I dunno, it feels kinda dickish to do. Even now, I feel shitty talking behind her back.
Thats why I was asking too. I had a character who had an abusive guardian (lord of the rival nation-state on the island she's on) and had a whole sappy backstory to make the character seem tragic. I didn't really get any hint of "oh hot", so thats why I was curious.
I like how M:TG does Catfolk. They look generally cool without being furry bait. I mean, just look at Oreskos and the new Ajani. They just look plain badass.

Neko stuff is fine too, but thats only if the entire campaign is focused around it (ala Catastrophe).

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>Think of something you like. If I suddenly tell you that it sucks are you just going to stop enjoying it and bash it with me?

I can admit when something I like has flaws.

Look at Exalted's fanbase. They LOVE the game, but they're the most ardent about pointing out and accepting its flaws.

WoD's fanbase is the exact opposite. They'll cover their ears and go "lalalalala, I can't hear you, the flaws you're talking

Why? Exalted and WoD are both White Wolf games. How come one fanbase can point out and accept flaws while the other goes into denial?

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