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Mad love for the mad lad charging into a gun fight with a knife.

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“Right, stack up,” you order, raising your buster. “Wait for my shot.”

The Berets hop to, filing behind you as you sight downrange. You’re about to call a challenge for friend or foe when a tumbling wheel of bladed death barrels into view, fast. Each spoke jabs through the earth in perfect sequence, tik-tik-tiking as it practically tills its way through the tunnel, straight at you. .

You have your grenades equipped, so that’s what you fire.

The imposing spokes of the mechaniloid are as suddenly put to shame as they are shattered to flinders, a shrieking whirlwind roaring downrange, wind buffeting back and forth as the Hurricane Bomb shreds its way through creation. The mechaniloid wheel is torn apart in the wind tunnel, scraps of it tumbling backwards after the grenade as it banshee-howls its way out of sight. You hear another explosion in the distance, as the screaming of the gale finally calms, the winds whistling down the hall coming to an end with a rapping of metal against metal far ahead.

“...Well then,” Susan observes.

“Blady,” explains Marx, pointing the barrel of his gun at one of the more intact pieces of the wheel mechaniloid.

“Ah.” You reply, pausing for a moment to appreciate the silence in the bomb’s wake. “...Mine’s bigger.”

Further in, you find the wreckage of another mechaniloid, green and vaguely lizard-ish. Marx posits that this one was an Atareeter, based on the trail of densified earth behind it, sharpened into points. “Area denial and zoning,” he explains.

“Aren’t we going away from Sabomole’s seismics?” asks Susan. Before you can respond, Drang does it for you.

“You’ve got incoming,” he warns.

A moment later, you hear and then see the earth shift. A few stray rocks part, and from the new entry comes Disruptor Sabomole.

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By now, Wren has nearly had the better of you in two engagements. You’re not going to make it a third.

You’ve seen how she moves now--seen her juke and dodge without ever giving a step. Every step the maverick takes is forward.

Which is where you leave your skipper, bouncing into the air to almost eye-level as you shoot it straight down.

Wren twists around it, one shoulder sparking in protest as the shrapnel clips it, the fan in her pauldron grinding to a screeching halt. She doesn’t stop or slow, the shot only buying you a moment of extra breathing room.

You dive to the left and throw a cable, yanking yourself to the side--then immediately turn back, using a flame-wreathed dash to crisscross back the way you came. She slices the cable, turning and cutting another skipper out of the air, the grenade boiling away from inside as its payload burns out from the tip of her knife in two empty half-bursts.

In the haze, there’s nothing--you’re already moving, breaking away, when something lances out of the smoke, a ceratanium feather punches through your shields and embeds itself in your already-damaged shoulder.

Wren rockets upwards, out of the smoke, as you fire a grenade into it, and then plunges down on you, snapping those knives back to the ready.

>You know the momentum game. Lance up to meet her.
>Fall back and screen. Stay on the defense, wear her out.
>Move forward, past her descent. Offensive defense.

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“Sniping,” you tell Phasian. “I’m only going to get a few shots at this.”

“As will I,” she replies calmly, stretching her wings and cresting the hill.

You’re atop it a moment later, looking down at a small ravine already littered with debris. Massive, armored bipeds with hunched profiles skirt around on boosters, curving wide circles around Wren as she snaps back and forth, carving through another one of the suits like a tin can. A guttural scream and a font of blood tell you she got to the “meat” inside, turning and throwing a shorn-clear plate behind her and twisting out of the path of a buster salvo from one of the suits--TSVs, you’re guessing.

The poor bastards, they’re built for close combat. One lunges, blade projectors along the outer planes of its arm snapping alight as the pilot makes a doomed attempt on Wren. She sidesteps inward and raises her knife overhead, the suit’s arm going slack with the cut. The other knife plunges in and through the sensor suite in the suit’s “head,” sparking wildly as the sensors crack.

Phasian comes in on her swift and silent, bringing that strange blade of hers down. Wren is nowhere near it, diving back and then lunging past Phasian, who turns her blade aside and tries to rake the maverick as she flits past.

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You look at the map, describing the swath of destruction she's carving across Europe. "Why is she going East?"

"That would be the Germans. They're putting their own contingent up, most of the human infantry after the first couple of days have been theirs. They're trying to lure her further out into the rural parts while they evacuate everything around her."

Closer to Germany, too, you note. Oof. "That's one way to patch up an old grudge."

"She's somewhere in Bas-Rhin--they had time to evac ahead of her and they've got her chewing up soldiers instead of civilians. They're trying to get her someplace rural, probably so they can drop something bigger on her."

You size it all up--and then turn to your own hard decisions. Seventh and Fourth were the units hardest hit--Phasian alone is a serious commitment, let alone any assets that might come with her, if they can even be spared. The Fourth lost a lot of its heavy support and ground-holding capability--and more personally, anyone you bring along is going to be dealing with close quarters action in a meat grinder. With a hopelessly superior opponent, no less.

>Take no contingent. Ask Gopher if he can be ready to turn one around for you on short notice.
>Try to focus on support over personnel--ride chasers and indirect assets and the like.
>The mission comes first. Take a contingent of Berets.

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Hurricane Wren (A-class after voluntary downgrade)
Known weaponry: Wind Shear, Feather Blade. Wren is capable of producing devastating cyclones bristling with ceratanium alloy blades, shredding armor and bypassing many conventional defenses.
Hurricane Wren has reappeared and begun carving a path of destruction, almost at random, across rural France. Her attacks are seemingly directionless and without strategic objective, but her path is taking her closer and closer to civilian settlements. The military is evacuating ahead of her and pushing back, but they are being steadily chewed away. More and more resources that might be committed elsewhere are being committed to the evacuation. While the threat is less imminent than some, the sooner she’s dealt with, the sooner those resources can be turned to combating the maverick threat elsewhere. She seems to be avoiding nonliving targets--she will attack Reploids, but strongly prioritizes humans, so the military has been sending tank divisions to try to “steer” her gradually, at the cost of hundreds of infantry lives baiting her away.
Personality: After “rehabilitation,” Wren has once again relapsed into maverick activity. This time, it has taken a considerable toll on her sanity--though an expert high-speed, high-maneuverability flyer, she is instead attacking seemingly at random, lashing out at anything she can harm within reach as she cuts a swath through any military forces sent against her. Despite the rash attack and the complete lack of strategic fighting, Wren remains an incredibly dangerous threat in close combat.
Available support: 7th Air Cavalry

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Cut it out with the meta shit.

This is how I animal companion.

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