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bumping shitty art thread

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closest thing i got, maybe?

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Weapon modification for alchemical splash weapons: Half price of splash weapon in order to turn it into a pellet that can be drawn like ammunition. It is thrown for only the direct damage instead of the splash weapon and therefore cannot be thrown at a square to deal damage to a target. Still acts like a splash weapon for how it interacts with an Alchemist's Throw Anything feature or the launching crossbow.

Or should it be 1/3rd of the price?

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The traditional overpowered skill (for Solars at least) is usually Melee. Melee's always been the best for Solars in every edition, because it does a lot, and does it well. That doesn't mean other fighting skills are bad, just Melee tends to edge them out.

This differs greatly for other Exalt types. Sidereals basically never touch anything but Martial Arts, for example, due to how they function.

In any case, things in 3E tend to be much more focused overall, due to Supernal's now being a thing. It basically allows a character damn near unlimited access to one skill's Charms, bypassing the usual big restriction on taking Charms: Essence. Whatever is the character's Supernal, they ignore the Essence requirement for determining if they can take any given charm from that ability. So you can have fresh Solars running around with top tier Charms in a single thing. Which is fine, this intended. You're supposed to be movers and shakers.

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>why would you [action] men, when you can instead [action] women?

Oh you're so funny, spouting your nonsense again.

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>Friday was just made to be a hate- and shitpost-sink
Except 80% of the shitposting is focused on SotJR anyway. The Synergy thing I could kinda see, though it's a stretch considering Friday consists of a Duo-app Trio and "The Same Guy, Except Slightly Different"

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So many, several of which are ridiculous gimmick builds that require generous chargen and/or specific campaigns to function like a FE-style Cavalier aiming to be Not!Seth. Of the more reasonable builds they all kinda end up just being... Really generic, because I've yet to play even the most BASIC of character concepts like "stock barbarian build", or "the hyper generic onispawn unchained monk". Heck, i have a sorcerer build I've been itching to put into a real game for a while, the only issue with it is I'd look like I was trying to one-up a player in the game I'm in right now.

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vaguely piratey and possibly drunk, closest i have i think

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Fair enough. If I could find something even remotely similar to pic related, that'd be pretty nice. Unfortunately "gruff dude" and "kemonomimi" isn't something I tend to find very often.

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Any excuse to get myself bullied is good, critiqueanon. Take as long as you like.

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I suppose I'll just have to take it all in stride if I ever get a shot. I'd probably be taking the feat to just pretend I'm a human, if only so I don't freak out the general populace. Maybe develop that form into pic-related at the appropriate age category.

I want to follow my dreams, but the world won't let me, anon.
I wonder if I should ask about making a True Dragon for RotJR. My enthusiasm for it's kind of waned lately, as much as I like the idea of it.

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About to go to bed but might as well dump some of what I've been listening to lately, which may or may not fit characters I've made/been making.


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How about we revisit a game. Give your character a title and a theme, similar to >>50525449

The Aspirant

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Rolled 2, 2 + 3 = 7 (2d4 + 3)

>7 for chest, 11 for dong

I know you're supposed to cut the number in half for chest, but I have no idea what that translates to.

Might as well roll for a generic, rogue-ish human. Possibly pic-related, fuck if I know, I just like the image and the act of rolling.

I don't feel like pointing fingers, and I do like myself some thicc and/or motherly women, but this is excessive. I almost want to make a highly meme-able character just to distract people, but then I don't want to have THAT over my head when it inevitably gets obnoxious.

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Fighter, Swashbuckler, URogue to a degree, Warpriest and Inquisitor, also Samurai. Pretty much every 1pp Vigilante archetype

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It never stops hurting.

>Was a GM for a four year campaign set in a homemade fantasy setting that was carefully put together over those four years.
>Had a concurrent group that went through too many adventures to count in the lands
>Each character had their own fleshed out storylines that were created during play
>Many intertwining story lines, with an overarching story that started in the beginning to session one
>NPC Friends, deaths, fights, love, dungeons, and dragons
>They only made it half way through the storyline and had already gone to other planes of existence, parallel worlds, traveled backward and forward in time in order to get that one step closer to their goal.

In the end it all came to an end because of interpersonal drama between myself and some of the members. It was truly my magnum opus and its all gone now

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Technically my first real character, but my favorite to this day is Owain, the man with no last name, one eye, terrible plans, and incredible luck. His major deeds are as follows:

>Chucked a Bastard Sword over about 30 feet so hard, he broke a chain, dropping a massive iron chandelier onto a Lich
>Acquired a talking Falcon familiar
>Cleared out an old fortress guarding a major river, then sold it back to the Kingdom after invoking several old laws he read in a book
>Wanted more space in his ship for private quarters and workshops for the party, so he hired Kobold workers (they're small, cheap, and needed less space to sleep in) and 40 years later inadvertently created a tribe of sea-faring Kobolds.
>Nearly got his party TPK'd by cactus
>Managed to narrowly avoid 7 separate assassination attempts altogether, by simply not going in the direction the DM planned (I found this out much later)
>Helped dismantle the corrupt politics of a Tiefling civilization (and boned the princess in the process)
>Was eaten by a Purple Worm who ran, but later found by the party who found he had not only cut his way out of the beast, but taken the heart out along the way.
>Resurrected an ancient, thought destroyed Dragonborn civilization
>Gifted by Bahamut himself a sword hilt that created a blade of holy light. Basically got a lightsaber from God
>Narrowly avoided being executed for crimes he did not commit, and was finally acknowledged by his noble father
>Lost an eye, but thought it made him look more intimidating so didn't fix it
>Convinced a council of elves to invest in his company with what was effectively a strip show
>Created the best mercenary company in the known world, named after his falcon
>Got married to the only woman who could keep him in line
>Currently the main employer of jobs to our sequel game 40 years later

Might not be the most interesting, but still my favorite after all these years. Owain was a Warlord in a 4e game, with a multiclass dip into Bard.

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