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maybe Nasuverse isn't the only place to look

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Joan > Anastasia > Yoichi > tiity elf

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What the hell is the point of giving spell storing as a sacred weapon buff to neutral warpriests?

The spell falls off when the buff goes away, right? So I have spell storing for just a few rounds? The hell am I going to do with that?

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>Improving a thread six posts in

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Get in the queue.

My only beef with the series it that they made Rasputin clever prettyboy and Gilles FUCKING INVINCIBLE madman. It would have far more sense the other way around.

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Well...shit. Suppose it's because it's a monday today, but gotta need a few more than that.

I also wanted to start today off with drawfag bullshittery, but unfortunately I don't know how to nor got to it in time.

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sure sure, that's great and all
but a nice dress can make you feel pretty in an entirely different way and make you look classy to boot

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Burgundian plz

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At this point? Because I'm having a lot of fun with one of the places that I go to regularly. I'm guaranteed weekly spots at tables with fun people, and if I decide to go Full DM mode I can still credit up a GM baby to kick-start a character past level 1. Online games are okay, but in my experience they fall apart before getting anywhere interesting. Also, yes, availability is an issue if I still prefer face to face stuff.

Human is my prefered race since I've already thought up some of her backstory, though I'll admit a lot of it is a holdover from her previous incarnation/build: Madness Channeling Cleric of Lamashtu that REALLY needed the floating stat plus the Selective Channeling/Channeling Focus feats to make her really effective at early levels. But MADness and reliance on Mind-Affecting made me drop that in favor of Skald.

But to answer the question, I'm willing to play Half Orc for the teeth. It's just that I'd like to share the toothy love with allies as well as the claws, and the character doesn't quite quite fit the cockney, GW-style headcanon I have for my H-Orc characters.

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>Didn't expect that name to show up in this thread.
Well, she was burned for witchcraft.

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She'd make a pretty fucking rad Nechronica character.

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>talking shit like I wouldn't find out

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One of the best ways to be a Swordmage is Strength-based: You're a half-Barbarian FLAMING SCREAMING MAGIC MAN.

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