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I literally have a diagnosis and I'm mostly just a sucker for rules. Online, most of the people I play with are about the same but IRL when none ever reads the books or knows what they're doing I'm like a walking rulesbook.

The only thing it really bothers me is when people decide on playing a system, then proceed to disregard every rule, or blame me like the devil when I remind them of penalties stuff.

Or, when (in Pathfinder) people accuse me of being a powergamer because I made a regular character while others went with horribly suboptimal characters. People who play a ranger, then decide to dump both dex and strength for charisma, never actually play with any kind of social grace, then complain that my cardboard cutout X class is OP compared to them.

I'm not asking for anyone to read the entire book, I'd just like it if people at least had a general idea of what they're playing.

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>M-muh fluff says I could 1v300
Everyone's fluff says they're unkillable and super special snowflakes, by that logic Orks should have won 3 editions ago with Tyranids cleaning up.


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