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>all of those rarity shifts

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>Yfw the first 45 minutes of the movie was just everyone bullying Nick the Orc and he just takes it.

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>tfw have two 3ish-k armies in progress
>about a thousand of each barely started if even primed, the other 2k are various stages of done to heavy WIP
>got another two 30k armies, about 5k and 3k respectively
>3k not even a quarter done
>5k is maybe halfway
>but I'm not painting those cause 30k is dead and one army is custodes
>and I've got a third army I picked up a while ago but just got back to working on, various units comprising 2-3k points
>whole thing is WIP, not a model done
>look back at older models and just want to redo and fix little mixed bits and baubles
>my brain is still telling me to start another army
>like I really want to start anther army
Why do I do this to myself

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> even with this advantage Chad will still get all the women for himself

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>Guard is an NPC race
>Chaos isn't

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Imperial stuff, again?!

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>Can't ever restore Jennifer's mind
>Have to suck up to Carmen just so Jennifer doesn't become completely brainless
>Sucking up to Carmen in one way means I'll become "useful" to her, and she may try to fuck with my head too
>Sucking up to Carmen in another way means I'll have to try and waifu up the most shit tier waifu ever conceived

Where's the option to murder Carmen before she pulls any shit

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My home country makes me so sad

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>New convenient bundles
>All for factions that already had hyper-convenient bundles recently

Flesh-eaters are a nice addition, but c'mon GW!

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I have a super powerful spell. It's the most powerful spell in my arsenal, and to date it is the most costly spell, in that that can burn through a full two and thirds quarters of my total energy. I have spent nearly a thousand years developing it and reducing it from the energy that was even required to initially cast it, let alone maintain it. Developing it started out as a simple hobby and possible emergency button, during the Tales of Phantasia jump, but then I started to put serious work into it.

To activate it, only one word is "ENOUGH."

The "ENOUGH." spell isn't really a spell meant for attacking, but it puts up a nearly indestructible (Gilgamesh's Ea could easily shatter it like it was paper, for example) forcefield between me and my attackers, and another forcefield around everyone sentient (including me) or anything that could be ordered to attack us in the room.

It moves with the person and doesn't restrict them, but they can't cast any spells or swing swords or any of that combat crap.

It's an emergency spell because

>Can burn through 2/3rds of my energy, leaving me pretty depleted of energy and I might not even have the energy to cast if I was fighting before
>Can STILL be shattered with enough force, it just happens to be really strong.

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>playing with friends
>check their phones in-between turns
>take forever when it gets to their turn

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>tfw cartelshills ITT thread

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>nips think pig people are orcs

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>rape charms



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>Morrowind was shit, even for its time.

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Not the systems themselves but more the people who play them:
>people trying too hard to be funny
Not everything has to be some profanity-laden randum Benny Hill/Monty Python ripoff. I don't mean to imply no fun is allowed, but can we please get past the "shouting 'creative' uses of bad words at inappropriate times" phase of humor and just play the game? Are you really that desperate for validation that you have to make a "witty" remark about every sentence the GM says then look around desperately?

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>tfw Ugin would probably never realistically last long enough on the board to exile Emrakul

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>elves in my setting are modeled after Caribbean pirates
>dwarves in my setting are modeled after Mongols
>orcs in my setting are modeled after the Inuit
>gnomes in my setting are modeled after Italian city states
and so on and so forth

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And so we all were sodomized by elves.


I'd be obliged if someone could post the collage of info we have so far.

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/pol/ pls go >>>/out/

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>The wizard casts grease.
>The paladin slips.
>The paladin falls.

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>no huge warm fat tummy to sunbathe on

Yes, actually. Take Dragon Princess 1 as 1 true waifu, get a free REC, thats one slot. Slot 2 fireproof diamond, slot 3 royal jelly, slot 4 ivory sweat.
Ass, belly and titties for literal days.

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