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That's pretty much exactly what you needed to not turn this into an awful clusterfuck.


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Your frazzled mind, unable to focus due to lack of beer flowing down your throat right at this instant, immediately latches onto two things: you DID agree to meet Estelle at the market, and you DID promise Blanc that you'd maybe sort out that treasure cube merchant and find out why his company's goods are making their way into crazy murderer outcast hands.

"U-Urist!" Huh, an actual exclamation mark. This may mark the first time you've heard Rokko speak in something other than a deadpan. She half-turns her head toward you, her long blonde ponytail whipping in the wind, although she sure as hell isn't taking her eyes off the road in front of you all. "S-Stop! You can, stop now!!"

"No! Don't stop!" Neptune cheers, ducking an errant lamppost as you swerve around it like a fucking slalom skier. "Keep on going! The ride can't end now!"

So sorry, Rokko, a goddess's request takes priority, now /hang the fuck on/-


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>She's the one who's been preventing all the /u/-boats.
And now she enabled them all.

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Huh. All I remember is that she was kind of embarrassed by whatever she wished for, but


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In response to this, I'd like to throw open a request for someone to post Touhoufag's series of posts in which a Mage with Spirit 4 or 5 and Gnosis 6 managed to create something that was almost immune to disbelief and spewing out 40 dice of lethal damage a turn while reaping infinite essence under the command of the mage.

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>Instead, I decide to glamour a second party

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I personally don't but shitstorm watching is a treasured pastime of mine.

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>The Black Hand of Set - Nile
The campaign is set in ancient Egypt, and is a lawful/neutral evil campaign. Guess who Big Bad is?

>Once Upon a Nightmare - Nox Arcana
Big Bad (Set) gets into your dreams.

>Sweating Bullets - Megadeth
Magical gun? Sure, why the fuck not?

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I HAVE THE BIGGEST Backlog of bonus things to write RIGHT NOW

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Ta. I can't find anything on Warseer - any tasty rumours you'd care to share?

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Rolled 12


Because Boonquest.

Same sit. here.



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Rolled 4


Bugs of gender-change?

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Don't worry!

Where you're headed, you don't need eyes!

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[x] Midorihugs and try but fail to not cry as well
[x] Promise that you'll try whatever it takes to get her back, somehow.


Silence, you.

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Rolled 17, 19 = 36



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Thanks for the concern! I'll definitely be fine for a while, though; with this cold/flu/whatever, I think my energy only really tanks 1) mid-afternoon and 2) later at night.

So yes, ogres will still be happening.

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... no place better. No place better, indeed.

You should feel fuckin' awesome. Can't stop staring at this guy's expression, it is making me giddy as all hell. BE PROUD TO CALL YOURSELF A DRAWFAG, MAN

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"True, But in the field your opponent might not always think so." You tell her as you put away your gun.
"But since this is your first combat experience..." You pull out a tray that you quickly coat in rebounder and a sword.
"Thanks Niichan." Ami jumps out from behind the car and comes running at you.
She taps your shield with her hammer, the soft *bonk* followed by her arm bouncing backwards with enough force to off-balance her.
She quickly recovers and goes for you again.

[ ]parry
[ ]block
[ ]counter

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rolled 80 = 80

>dat picture

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c'mon LG lets just get this failfest over with. try to make the damn genderbend.

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rolled 26 = 26

>[email protected]

We must eventually do one of their songs with the rest of the team.

As a fun parody.


>Because LG is allergic to this image

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