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That's kindof true? There's an episode that's still present in Kai where Krillin throws a rock at Goku's head while they're chilling out by a river, because he figures he's such an awesome fighter that Goku will just snap it out of the air like it's nothing.

It smacks Goku hard in the forehead, leaving a red mark, and Goku screams at him like "OW JESUS WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT" while Krillin freaks out and apologizes.
So, yeah, there's a degree of intention behind it.

I mean, yeah, there's also moments where they get shot and just don't give any kind of fuck at all, not to mention all the times they get smacked into fucking mountains (props to Mr Satan for surviving one of those, by the way!), but there's definitely a ki aspect to it, too.

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Elodie is the main character from the computer game "Long Live The Queen", which plays like something between Princess Maker and a dating sim, and the point of which is to allow her to survive long enough to become queen. This is very difficult. There are a lot of ways for Elodie to die, partly because the game plays the backstabbing treachery of the monarchy and surrounding nations completely straight, and partially because Elodie does not start off as being very smart.
Depending on how you raise her, she can gain proficiency in a lot of different skills, including all the backstabbing and social niceties of the monarchy, but also magic, strategy, swordfighting... you've basically got more or less free reign, and the type of queen that Elodie becomes (assuming she survives) is closely tied to what kind of person you make her.

The LLTQ Gauntlet is basically just "Help Elodie survive and you get her as a companion, with some boosts."
Jumper's Elodie is basically free reign to make up your own character with a few guidelines, and also she's a genuine princess/queen in charge of an entire country. She can end up as kind or evil or competent or casual as you like. She's kindof a blank slate in that regard.
So, a lot of older jumpers like her, because she's basically a free daughteru.

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I was referring more to the fact that Danny tends not to freak out and panic, not that he's not crazy as hell.
And when he does panic, he usually formulates a (batshit) plan pretty quick.

Although, since the show is mostly about a bunch of trainwrecks of human beings, it varies a little bit on the crazy train, but generally Danny's the man with the plan. After all, he has experience being crazy.

Given that I took the entire Oddball line alongside Straight Man, that's probably the niche I fill.

... also I have Referential, Cultural References from Archer, and Quizboy from Venture Brothers, so I am just a repository of stupid bullshit information that doesn't matter.
Which, if nothing else, makes me seem really well learned for shit that doesn't matter.

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As an added note, I guess I'll mention that it also depends on what KIND of human you import him as. Because you're not really replacing his SOUL so much as working around it (unless there's a setting that explicitly gives you a soul if you don't have one, in which case he'd have that setting's definition of a soul -- and all the baggage that implies for that setting).
How humans deal with not having souls varies wildly by setting. For some settings it never comes up at all and isn't that big a deal. For others, it's a HUGE deal and can even turn you into a monster. And not the cute fun kind.

So basically just choose wisely where you get his altforms from. It's going to have a major effect on his personality.

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Also, I think the spoiler tags like to crap out if you try to put several of them right next to each other. I've had the same thing happen to me in the past.

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> large amounts of souls?
Iifa Tree, Final Fantasy 9. Plant, then start murdering.

No, you shouldn't ask how I know this, nor why I was able to answer so quickly. That would be very silly of you.

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I liked Xemnas better, personally. He was neat. A total douche, but neat. I was kindof a total Nobodies fangirl, once upon a time.

You're a special snowflake.
But that would be pretty cool.

No clue how it would work as a perk, though. At least, not without taking some liberties.
I could see being split like that working as a drawback, though. Like in Steven Universe. But that doesn't really give you the "at will" part.
So I dunno.

If it's any consolation, I didn't catch it either, because every time I see Yen Sid my thoughts are consumed by HOLY SHIT WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR EYES

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> So...satyrs?
No, like, anthropomorphic goats.
They're kindof short and are lazily bad at their jobs. Like... somewhat cuter Pigmasks from Mother 3.

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In Teen Titans I once very pointedly called Robin "Dick". Does that count?

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Y'know, I usually opt to quietly disappear during our usual daily shitstorm, but

> this

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Oh, and the ability to jump SUPER high. That... actually I don't think there's a jump that gives you that ability.
Sly Cooper kinda does, but Carmelita and Freya's jumps aren't really comparable.
I can fake it with flight, but it's reeeally not the same.
Maybe that can be a freebie for Burmecian-bred Burmecians? I dunno.

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Yeah, sure. That'd work for me.
Is this something that'll make it into the jump, do you think? I can't imagine I'm the only person who'd go down this road.

> In the event that you're too horrible a person to feel true disgust anymore...

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See: >>38536811

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I'll have you know that getting dressed is extremely important! You have to decide your look for the day! It's what people think of when they look at you!

Also, I barely need sleep, have a preternatural ability to sleep anywhere when I do sleep, and I can clean things by waving my hand, so a lot of times I just sleep in my outfit and wear the same thing for like a week. It's just easier that way.

If anything she'd harp on me for being too lazy to change my damn clothes.

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Ten years.

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No, see, that's a common misconception. There are actually multiple types of transmutation circles. The "Blood Seals" version has a corollary that allows anyone standing in its exact center to absorb the collected souls and utilize them as a new body with them in control of the mass. But the much simpler version which is used to create the philosopher's stones used in Ishval just converts every fucking thing into a stone, and requires no blood.
The downside to the simpler version is that you better not fucking be inside the circle when it goes off, and then you have to actually go down and physically pick up your Philosopher's Stone after.

Not that I used that plan, myself, and it's still a pain in the ass setting all that stuff up (unless you have it prepared ahead of time you monster), but I mean... you can totally do it and it doesn't even require sick amounts of blood sacrifices.

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As I remember, this is actually talked about in... I think it's the Adventurer's Companion for 3.0. It was a supplementary book basically listing a shitload of extra nonmagical equipment, some of which included domesticated monsters. I might be getting the title wrong.
They're actually not that hard to domesticate, and can be very affectionate, showing it by tickling you with their feelers. But it's basically impossible to train them off eating metal because... they eat metal. That's what they eat. And they are not terribly intelligent, so they see food, they eat it.

You could probably use jumper powers to uplift them a bit, though, but eh.

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Red, I've told you this like three times.
Like, YOU specifically.

I've probably mentioned it offhand in the thread about four or five, although I really forgive people for not trawling through the other 232 threads to find my life story. That would actually be kindof weird.

Also, it makes me sad that there are so few cute perks as compared to gorgeous. And next to nothing for small.

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> soul-powered robots
Rude. My robots aren't powered by souls! I'm patently against that sort of thing.
Souls are very special, unique, important things. That's why I'm running continuous experiments to recreate them through artifical means.

Most of my robots run off electricity, solar power, or steam, of all of which I have an effectively infinite supply. Later on, though, once I perfect their construction/reverse engineering/minitiarization, they can also run off of solar nuclear power (Mysterious Cities of Gold) or white hole music boxes (Ar Tonelico). That's pretty high end, though, so I usually pump up those robots' specs a bit so they won't die from the first wave of heroes.

Souls are a terrible fuel source, though. I mean, that's totally against my morals, and also it would be really inefficient.

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I mean, continuing on this, I generally go under the idea that, "If it doesn't fit into my warehouse, I can't take it with me. Even if I bought it with CP."

This has a pretty huge effect on my playstyle, actually, and is why a lot of my stuff tends to be small and portable, with a high emphasis on being able to build things in jump at an extremely fast turnover rate. The warehouse and its contents are the only thing that follows me between jumps.

But, frankly, that kind of nerf is liable to annoy a lot of people, and I don't blame anyone for saying they can drag along anything that costs CP, since that basically means that anything beyond a certain size limit becomes pointless and wasteful to buy.
But it makes things more interesting for me.

Maybe Jumpchan just doesn't like me as much as you guys.

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I'm kinda fine with it as is, personally. Especially because I'd have to redo my whole build if you start jacking up prices.
You could always go the lazy route and just make a note of which powers are "standard", and then if we want to have a ghost or half-ghost who is unnaturally shittier than most normal ghosts, well, that's on us.

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> both
I just hate going on for multiple posts, right? And post limits are so annoying.

Okay, let's start with the Sanguine Star. It's a variant of the Philosopher's Stone that doesn't use souls, but rather, blood.
A common Red Stone, by comparison, is just a weak fake Philosopher's Stone that uses distilled alchemic reagents in place of souls (they show up in FMA '03). So both are effectively "humane" versions of the philosopher's stone.

Basically, when you get down to is, all these stones are, of any variant, is a "battery" where pre-sacrificed resources are used to fuel later transmutations. You pay ahead of time, you use it later, and eventually the stone runs out and breaks. Some resources give back more than others (souls, notably, are basically unmatched). Over the millennia, I'll be performing experiments to see what I can add to the stone to increase yield, while feeding it a weekly allowance of blood and reagents.

Later, when I learn to enchant things, I start layering spells into it, to be used as magical fuel. Everything that gets thrown into this thing is a resource to be burned. You just start throwing in more and more magical energy and blood and reagents until, after a century, you've got a beast. Every new form of magic and every replicatable reagent is a source of fuel for that stone.

Just pour resources into it. Every week. Every jump. For hundreds and hundreds of years.

And then, in Bleach, I made that stone the source of my Fullbring.

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