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I take any already present love interest, and I make her seem just a little too needy and concerned. Nothing really out of the ordinary but she's just a little bit too attached. At first.
I date a lot of crazy obsessive girls.

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but anon

Fighting feels fucking amazing

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>I think that'd be pretty funny. Dealing with the consequences would take hundreds of threads.

Well, with a crueler QM, that could happen. Urist would be like Kaska post-Eclipse then, which is an existence wich you should wish upon nobody.
I would rather have to deal with Urist having too fight of Yandere Simulator or another harem "hero" vermin tentacle swarm.

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There is less female serial killers in real life, and they tend to be less mediatized. But you just have to look at your average yandere fanboy to see some men loves them psycho

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>This is why you prove your love by helping her maim and kill all possibly whores she thinks might steal me.
Ultimately that's what it always comes down to. The only way to make it with crazy is to also be crazy. Good on you, anon. Please don't murder me too painfully.

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