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Well, clearly you're going to get crap no matter what you do... so just go ahead and do whatever you want!

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Good enough, I guess.
Assuming no further updates, I'll probably comb through its grammar sometime next week. I'm really busy until after this coming Tuesday.


Dan VS.
> Location: Hell [Rolled8]
> Age: 33 [Rolled5]
> Origin: Secret Agent [-300CP]
> Amazing Crazy Quilt Of Knowledge [-100CP]
> Above Top-Secret Clearance [Get a Freebie!]
> Common Sense [-100CP]
> Advanced Ninja Training [-300CP]
> Descriptive T-Shirt (Science?) [Get a Freebie!]
> Population Control Johnny Collection [-50CP]
> Ninja Dave's Cookies Sampler Box [-50CP]
> Handler [Get a Freebie!]
> Captured Flying Saucer [-400CP]
> Ran Afoul Of A Ninja Clan [+100CP]
> My Ride! [+200CP]

> "So, I landed in Hell, right, and the demons were like, 'Sweet!'. But they're, like, pretty wimpy demons? Turns out they can only bench a car or something. So I went full angel and was like, 'Haha! Bring it!', and then we fought with, like, lasers and punching and tidal waves, and it was totally badass. They should make a movie. Anyway, eventually this woman shows up and she's like, 'Why are your wings black?', and I'm like, 'I'm not very good at being an angel', and so then she offers me a job and that's how I came to work here yelling at people about their magazine subscriptions. In between top secret government jobs. Now if only people would stop fucking up my UFO I'd be set."
> "Wait, so, is the government on the side of angels or demons?"
> "... you have to ask?"

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> Origin: Rich (Wo)Man
> Know-How [Get a Freebie!]
> A New Day [-100CP]
> Fool Me Once [-200CP]
> Fooled You Twice [-200CP]
> A New Way [Get a Freebie!]
> Blood Money [-100CP]
> Tiles of Glass [-200CP]
> Rich (Wo)Man's Terror [-300CP]
> Energy Drinks [-200CP]
> Sans Hand [+100CP]
> Akagi [+200CP]

First half of Rich Man's tree: Aschente, the perks.
Second half of Rich Man's tree: Anti-Spiral, the perks.

Anyway, I'm not really interested in PLAYING Mahjong. Especially if we're getting into bullshit Shadow Realm type stuff. Even if I have a perk for that...
But! I don't really mind watching it. In fact, I think it might be fun to place bets on who I think is going to win. And maybe then I could even give the person I chose an advantage or two, y'know...?

So this'll be fun. I'll sit on the sidelines and drink a glass of red wine. Probably open up a chain of businesses or something to keep the money rolling in. I've got some pretty descent business acumen.

Of course my hand gets a prosthetic. Of course it does! I think for this jump I'll make a good chunk of it out of gold. Y'know, just to accent my role as totally stonking rich.
Besides, I took Thor's Blessing from Age of Mythology. I basically have an endless font of that stuff. Hah! It might be fun to bet my hand in a Mahjong match, then show up the next day with a brand new one.

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I wonder what the differences between a tree powered by lust and a tree powered by sloth are.

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You'll want to pick up psychotherapy and "befriending" perks, both conventional and "beat you up until you agree with me" style. Persona and Generic Magical Girl have those, just to name a couple. Also, stacking charisma, and quite likely some purification-type abilities as well. Think your typical anime/vidjagame messiah archtype with a more emphasis on redemption than smiting. You could change a lot of minds, with a build like that...

Of course, even with all that, you can't save EVERYONE. It's almost too much effort to even try.
But still, I think I would respect someone who tried, as long as they never faltered.

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Silly Antispiral. That's what the Warehouse and Discordia Castle are for.
Especially once I get the tower upgrade from Ar Tonelico, my warehouse will have room for all kinds of things. Granted, it all stops the second I close the portal, but... there are ways around that.
Probably not great for long-term experimentation, but a great place to cram some production facilities to churn out a couple thousand automated mini-Jaeger 'bots in quick order. Also good for loot, of course.

But for long-term experiments. Discordia Castle is where all the stuff I really don't want people messing with goes. Admittedly, I'm not... quite sure what that'll be yet, but it probably involves testing of multiversal barriers, studying fluxes in reality... and occasionally construction of ridiculous mechanisms the likes of which should not exist.

I would admittedly be very upset if someone destroyed my magic space castle.

Yeah, I've actually got something of a small party going on now... consisting of my rival from Yugioh, who is a far better and more noble person than I in every respect except actual power, the scholar from Golden Sun, my Pokehusbando who still wants to believe I'm good...
Elodie will probably join up, too, if I ever take make a build for that jump...

... and then Excalibur just kindof stands off to the side whenever we're debating, and is uncharacteristically quiet.

He worries me, sometimes.

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