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It depends on the specific gift and its wording. Generally, however, page 25 covers you here:
>Gifts last as long as Effort remains committed unless specified otherwise in the text. Thus, if a blessing says that Effort must be committed for a scene, its aid lasts a full scene unless the gift says differently.

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Kamigakari has the single most fascinating resource management subsystem I have ever seen in an RPG, but it has many balance flaws that subtract from the game's integrity.

For instance, Target # is the single most important weapon statistic, which means that spears and firearms reign supreme for physical weapons (notice how hammers are awfully lackluster). Likewise, the game's "tanking" mechanics are few and unreliable, support abilities cost more than equivalent self-buffing abilities, and debuffs are marginal at best... so in almost all cases, the best builds for actually accomplishing things in combat are pure-offense striker builds.

It is a bit of a shame.

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Key Equipment:
• 4,000 gp: +2 Strength from belt or Combating Christmas Trees
• 4,000 gp: +2 Wisdom from headband or Combating Christmas Trees
• 2,000 gp: Masterwork full plate with masterwork armor spikes
• 400 gp: Masterwork Large-sized custom monk weapon

Warder Stances:
• Primal Fury 1: Running Hunter's Stance
• Silver Crane 1: Eyes of the Crane

Warder Maneuvers Readied:
• Golden Lion 1: Boost: Encouraging Roar
• Silver Crane 1: Strike: Enduring Crane Strike
• Golden Lion 2: Counter: Warning Roar
• Scarlet Throne 2: Strike: Rising Zenith Strike

Stalker Maneuvers Readied:
• Broken Blade 2: Bronze Knuckle
• Broken Blade 3: Strike: Steel Flurry Strike
• Riven Hourglass 3: Boost: Time Skitter
• Shattered Mirror 3: Boost: Reflected Blade Style

Stalker Stance:
• Primal Fury 3: Primal Warrior Stance

• Initiative Bonus: +11 = 5 Wisdom modifier + 2 trait + 4 Improved Initiative
• Attack Bonus with Martial Charge (Steel Flurry Strike) and Time Skitter: 4 BAB + 6 Strength modifier + 1 masterwork enhancement + 1 Time Skitter + 2 charging - 2 Steel Flurry Strike = +12, possibly against flat-footed AC
• Non-Critical Damage with Primal Warrior Stance and Steel Flurry Strike: 6d6 base weapon damage + 9 Strength modifier + 3d6 Steel Flurry Strike + 2 Broken Blade = 9d6+11 (average 42.5), and please remember that Steel Flurry Strike is three attacks

This character walks around with Time Skitter active nearly all the time, thanks to being able to recharge it as a standard action: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43652765/#43653434

In other words, the character is permanently Hasted and has 40-foot speed in heavy armor.

The character opens up combat with a very high initiative check, then charges 80 feet with Martial Charge, activating Steel Flurry Strike and Reflected Blade Style, probably targeting flat-footed AC.

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You are certainly not banking on merely a single titanic hit if you are triggering Rampage anyway.

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