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>This is dull waifufagging
Would a setting where waifufagging is taken to the extreme and all monsters and demons are waifable really be that bad? Be honest with me.

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>tfw your octogirl gf breaks up with you because your 8cm cock is too big for her

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>the more musky scent of her animal half which always permeates and lingers
So she literally smells like a barn. No thank you, there are less filthy and more hygienic monster girls to choose from.

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>Little Mermaid (the original, not the whitewashed Disney shit)
>Bitch falls in love with a guy she only just met, gives up everything to be with him, saves his life, he cucks her, she kills himself

>Greek myth
>Mermaids exist only to sing sailors to their death

>Monster musume
>They have a fetish for both cuckoldry and early death

Is there even a single setting where mermaids aren't shit?


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>Tips for new GM?
Bees are your friends, they produce honey and are docile as long as you don't mess with them. They're also team players and generally decent at roleplay

Wasps crawled directly out of Satan's asshole and exist purely to fuck you up. They're also notorious powergamers and their rules lawyering will grind any session to a screeching halt

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Neither French nor British, so I'm perfect to contain the buttmad coming from both sides.

Clemenceau's "badly pronounced French" didn't happen until after the Hundred Years War. Prior to it Middle English (ie. the Anglo-Saxon language) and French were strictly separated: the peasants spoke Saxon, the nobility spoke French. Richard the Lionheart for example spoke two separate dialects of medieval French (langue d'oil and langue d'oc) as well as Latin but no Saxon.

The reason why frere and friar are so similar is probably because they have a common root in the latin frater, with the french word sticking closer to the ambiguous latin meaning while friar only adopted its religious connotation without the familial one.

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Pic related?

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>Every society has legends in their history of female warrior groups
Every society also has legends about monsters fucking humans, yet I'm not delusional enough to expect my snake waifu to become real anytime soon.

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Imagine if the internet was around during the Middle Ages

>Shut-in bishops discussing which waifu from Aesops fables is best waifu
>Cardinal of France calls bishop of Ireland a shit for not liking snake girls
>Various German priests are mocked for wanting to translate Aesop to German instead of learning to read it in superior Greek
>They're called casuals and secondaries
>They all eagerly await the newest romance novels being imported from Byzantium
>"Knight a shit, dragon is best girl"

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>mfw Poltfags try to argue that Polt is 2 when she's clearly 3

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Do we also get a Knight of Stimpy?

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Was your nephew afraid of a little snake cloaca?
I can't wait for science to make lamia's real

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