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I could see it.

Slaves are a resource for the aristocracy in every way - as well as all the IRL uses they are also food for the nobles.

Gladiator games can also include feasts from the sands and even the occasional noble taking up the role of the opposition

Most of the dead are interred in necropolises, as either dead legions, to be reawakened if the empire is threatened (by their former commander, more often than not) or as a source of crude labour, which has to be carefully managed so not to wreck the economy. This portion of society also comprises the empire's reset button, allowing it to recover from near (and in one instance, total) destruction.

Citizens may receive patronage by a noble house and be preserved in a more total way - many of the poorer dead retain only a little intelligence, though some effort is made with the legions - allowing them to remain extant and more whole than their skeletal comrades, in return for serving the family. Such an afterlife is normally offered to artists, intellectuals and the exceptionally competent, allowing their skills to be preserved eternally.

With the vaults of knowledge underneath the cities, they are the skills part of the empire's reset button

Vampire houses each have a place in the senate which elects the new emperor from a list of candidates, some living, most dead.

Other positions are selected the same way, though most positions only require portions of the senate to vote

Senators themselves are barred from candidacy, leading senators to step down from time to time.

Most noble houses have at least one live branch, to keep propagating the house

Marriage lasts after death, but divorce and remarriage is not uncommon in the ranks of the aristocracy.

There is a rule about how much time a noble must stay dormant before resurrecting (2 years? 5 years?) to limit cycles of revenge and murder, and only the most powerful would think about breaking it and resurrecting family members early.

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I don't know, Romans give them a good run for their money, though often it's also their history (or their "history"with a dramatic collapse) that gets emulated too

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That's pretty cool, they even had SPQR on their crest.

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The thread about adventuring in an absolutely massive castle?

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I was doing some worldbuilding the other day and, thinking about it, I couldn't really see your typical "high elves" building and farming to the extent that would produce those shining white cities, and the typical elf thing of being old as fuck means buying their way that sort of splendour doesn't really work either.
I know magic is also a big elf thing, but it's also a bit of a cop out

So I considered the people who high elves generally take inspiration from - ancient rome and greece being the big ones - and I got thinking.
Would it make sense for the early elven empire to be slavers?
Capturing dwarves and orcs for labour, using halflings for agriculture?

High Elves tend to be militaristic and good with magic, so it's not like capturing slaves would be too hard

And then later either abandoning their slaving ways, like the British Empire, through abolitionists or revolt, or having it simply reduced to out of sight and out of mind?

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Ah, that make sense.
I'd heard college was 4, 2+2 for Bachelor and Associate makes more sense now.

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Tell me about the politics and political systems in your setting /tg/

Do you have republics, kingdoms, theocracies and empires?
Do you have bad guy democracies and good guy monarchies?

Do you have any places where multiple species in are power in the same nation?

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