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Scarabs are the best Wounds per point and with a Crono giving 5++ they are quite hard to shift.

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Did you use Protocols at all?

>Thinking of going duel dynasty and saying fuck off to Noble BS and Protocols

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A comic in the 3rd edition style would be kino.

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I guess they are making the lore match the rules now...

>Space Marines should have the old Necron rule of if you lose 75% of your army you auto lose

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>is untransportable
use removeable pins for the side quarters (make them look like scarabs so it looks right) and it is not bad to take.

With Space Marines continuing to be the top army, most of there stuff is Trans Human or has High T so lots of shots do not turn into a lot of dead SM. Mortals will be very important.

>People were taking 3 to a Tournament in the start of 8th

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>Imperial Armor 12
Top Choice.

>Necrons were scary a fuck and the Space Marines did not breeze through them like a joke.

I want to go back...

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True at 4 wounds and a max of 3 in an unit they effectively do not have RP rule at all.

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>Literally every single Canoptek unit has had BS4+ since the 5th edition codex.

What are Wraiths for 500?

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>unless the Monolith is miraculously not shit.

Well I know it is a foolish thing to do looking at the model to try to see what it can do but I think one of them is equipped with 4 of those Dommsday Blasters so 4d6 shots from those would be rightfully terrifying.

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>high tier

He is in his own Tier.

That guys voice is just pure 40k for me.

>wish he could get a gig doing audio books

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The new box set has no Marine characters but rest assured the small force of Ultra Marines sent out will stop the Silent Kings newly arisen army.

>when will GW learn that having Marines win EVERY time is boring as shit and lessens the IP as a whole?

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If all the major Necron dynasties are united then I would maybe say that they could be taken as a serious threat unlike the cartoon villain of the day GW used for them in the past.

No one ever thought Cadia would ever fall (not that it did much really to the game state as a whole) and they pulled that so stranger things could happen.

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Why the fuck would you want new Necron fluff for anything? The 3rd Ed. stuff was in line with their aesthetic - lifeless, barely any personality, just a horde of undead machines trying to destroy all life. No memeshits like Trazyn for 1d4chan to masturbate over, no allying with Blood Angels, no personality. They were a big mystery, a question marked wrapped not in an enigma, but gauss weapons.

And for a faction that is supposed to be heavy on the horror aspect - more mystery is a good thing. Solid storytelling always leave some things unanswered. It's why so many people were bitching about the new Bladerunner movie - it's more entertaining if you never really find out if Deckard is replicant. It's also the reason the best horror movies never show you the monster until the end (or at all), and why the best strippers never take off *all* their clothes, just enough to activate your almonds - imagination and mystery will always be more engaging than just spoon-feeding the audience.

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