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hey so I'm new to the game and new to roleplaying so I thought I would come to you guys to get some feedback on my roleplaying character so here goes nothing:

his name is darnell and he's from detroit, I know that doesnt make sense but hear me out

so as part of his gang initiation he's with his homies robbing this chinese food restaurant (magic changs chinese food restaurant) except just as he's about to bust a cap in mr. chang (the owner of the chinese food restaurant) chang pulls a magic talisman out of his pocket and puts an ancient chinese curse on him which sends him to the world of warcraft

now when darnell arrives in the world of dungeons and dragons he realizes the error of his ways and that he needs to get a good education to end the cycle of poverty and crime that has held his family back for generations - but first he needs to find his way home

let me know what you think

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Something is wrong. But... what? It's impossible to say, unless... maybe it isn't? What's impossible, anyways, in a city full of kids with crazy psychic powers? The word 'impossible' just seems... ignorant, now.

You are Takamichi Akari, and you've just awoken from a very strange dream.

Someone without your... 'predilection' to fire might have called it a nightmare.

For you, though, it was just bizarre and surreal.

Watching everything burn, you mean.

The fire was everywhere, and it never burned out.

It burned at the bottom of the ocean and on top of the clouds and even on the face of the moon.

The fire destroyed everything, consumed the world until the earth itself blazed like a second sun.

What started the fire?

>It was collateral damage. You were... fighting. Fighting something... big. Big and bad. A monster. You couldn't risk holding back, for fear of losing the fight. It was going pretty well until the unspeakable happened- until you won.

>It was beyond your control. You were... flying. You didn't start the fire, and it was already out of hand by the time you noticed it. Nothing you tried made any difference.

>It was an accident. You were... angry. Or maybe you were just afraid? Perhaps you were sad? Nervous? You can't really remember. You didn't mean to, you think- it just sort of... happened. You just looked up and realized what you had done.

>It was a bomb. You were... unaware. Nobody saw the war coming, and, by the time you realized what was happening, it was far too late to stop it.

>It was an invasion. You were... steadfast. You held them off as best you could, but there were just too many of them. It was a losing battle, but you stood your ground until the very end.

>It was something else. (Write-in)

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