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The pure random nature of the STC is the theme, anon. Its what you do to build a unifying theme that says alot about you.

If you don't like it maybe the Mechanicus isn't for you.

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Rolled 27 (1d100)


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>Adeptus Mechanicus jump
Yesss. Can't wait to see what you'll make of it. I'm going to get ALL the mechadendrites.

We'll be able to become Secutors/Myrmidons, right? Also, in addition to Titan stuff, maybe an Ordinatus too? Maybe include a Factor of the Lathes stuff for more... subtle cybernetics?


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Fellow AdMech players, how do you deal with horde lists? I've recently joined with a small 400-500 points list from the basic box and I seem to have problems against infantry-heavy lists. I did fine in my games vs Necrons, but the orks just tore me apart since my Neutron laser did almost nothing and my 10 vanguards squad went down pretty fast in CC. Dominus held his stand in CC though and whopped some ass which felt awesome.

My thought on upgrading to 1k was getting another Starter Box for Skitarii since I get one cheap from a buddy, but then again what should I equip to embrace the hordes? I'm pretty set on making the new infantry guys 5 rangers and 5 vanguards for Character Sniping and another small infantry unit.

Thanks in advance and praise the Omnissiah.

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>mfw bought the SC Box of skitarii as a new player
>now hyped af till they get here
Why is electroraving and praying to cyberjesus so much fun?

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Thinking of starting 30k with Mechanicum. I've heard 30k is balanced more like Warmahordes, so what is the tournament ruling for units with out a model? Are kit bashes legal? What if forge world later releases an official model?

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When will the Imperium learn that vehicles with legs are literally inferior to vehicles with treads in almost every way?

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That's some damn fine work!

Also I maybe have like... three other games I also play in so like... is less me taking up the slack (though it is a little of that) and more like... Holy bazongas we play a lot of RPGs in retrospect...

Also, that's a hell of a supply for a player party that aren't Rogue Traders! How did they come to be so wealthy?

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>dreadnought atop a landspeeder
I fail to see the problem

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>and it was criticized for having a tiny scale.
See, I LIKED that about it. Personally, I'd rather have an even smaller DoW 3. Factions could be a genestealer cult, Arbites with some PDF support, a band of kroot mercs, the Lost and Damned, eldar corsairs...

But then, I'm one of those people who think space marines (both Chaos and loyalist) are the most boring part of whatever they show up in, so hey.

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> Spoiler
That would be so awesome. Even if just to do it for half a second. Can you imagine? For one brief moment everyone's just floating in a void, and then poof, the vampire just insta-dusts.
That's like some jRPG magic bullshit.
Is there ANY magic system that might make that a reality?

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Hey looking for allies to take with Skitarii besides Cult Mechanicus, any ideas you folks have had on that front?

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In my Rogue Trader campaign, a player made an Heretek magos biologis who tried to science the shit out of absolutely everything he could get his mecanical pincers on.

He once cultivated shards of a xeno fractal blade stolen from a drunk inquisitor, and used them as components for his custom designed mines for use in ship combat (he was also growing them right aboard the ship - thus accidentaly killing some kids who where playing football in the lower decks, when they shredded themselves to death upon entering his unprotected and unsignaled "fractal fields").

Another time, he secretly tried to grow ork spores, recolted straight from the remains of a pirate fleet that the players had sooner defeated. His experiments looked unsuccessful at first, until they discovered that an entire colony of gretchins was growing across the ship's air ducts - cue to blazing flamethrowers, and full on quarantine on board for three months.

He even tried once to make tyranid organisms out of genestealer DNA, hoping to somehow weaponize them in the process. The experiment failed when the entire research station that he dedicated to this task went full anphelion project, and had to be destroyed from orbit.

One of its greatest stunts was to catch a Jokaero by exploding it with a grenade launcher, before storing his still living head in a jar and connecting it to an exoskeleton. He wanted to study this species uncanny ability to build technological marvels with seemingly nothing, and gave him scraps of junk and random other things to work with. The monkey made a machine producing paper-flavored bananas out of thin air, retrofitted a Leman Russ into a mobile zen garden (complete with bonzais and oriental paintings), and only then proceeded to escape by building itself a micro-teleportarium, leaving the now astonished and depressed Heretek pondering upon wonders that he couldn't hope to replicate by himself.

Needless to say, I was very proud of this guy.

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I'm saying it won't, that is correct. Even ignoring the fact that I would get flayed alive for even considering it, the point is I'm not so much of a bitch as to force that to be a thing.

I thought I made it clear that you still keep your sense of self even if you went Chaos, but I guess.

See above. Daemonic Ascension isn't going to cost you your soul.

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I could dig it, either that or she's basically the medic from TF2

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I've run 2E extensively and found it very enjoyable compared to any experiences with 1E, but I also had a group who really got into the lore and the dark comedy the setting can supply

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More savage than Khorne

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>Tell Natalia to make cat ear mods
>Clones Prudence instead

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Excellent. Thank you!

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Just to get it out of the way, will there or will there not be waifus?

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