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I'm not even joking. I wish i was. You can't prove that it's not possible means it must be possible to so fucking many people these days. I don't even know. Is it because people tried to educate them about science, but did so in such a piecemeal dumbed down way that it just made things worse?

We gave them logical tools, but we didn't teach them how to responsibly use them, and now it's out to get us.

>the reaction to this tidal chart

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>implying nuclear power supplies more than 336,000 megawatts out of the global demand of 15 terawatts and people are afraid of radiation because of tidal charts and because the russians had the worst possible accident happen to them with a poorly designed reactor.

Yeah, no. Everyone is ignoring fission for the stillborn dream of fusion. Breakeven fusion outside of stars is just as impossible as FTL.

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