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HOLY SHIT it's true they nuked the fucking website !!
Glad I saved all the short stories.
But fuck the Phill Kelly worldbuilding video with the moving realms was way better than the existing one on the AOS website.....

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>Tentacle Bondage
>Grotesque exterior that makes it look like its made out of just pustules and tumors, even has a sickening volcano on its head
>Guy having his brain probed and drained.
Fucking metal man.

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>Maybe they yugioh fuse into super yawgrakul
As stupid as that would be it would actually be pretty awesome as its mere presence causes all living things to be compleated.
Planeswalkers can't be compleated but, just like with Emrakul their minds get turbo fucked with and may even cause mental scarring and trauma.

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>Tongue turns into a venomous snake

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But the peasants aren't just ordinary peasants, they are cursed by the gods. A thousand years ago they tried to rise up against the nobles, but were beaten down and cursed with making reproduction the single most painful act imaginable. During sex the woman's vagina clamps down on a man's dick with such force that it actually breaks, then yanks it out of the man's body so hard that it takes part of his pelvis with it. The man then collapses, literally unable to stand up again, and proceeds to bleed to death in agonizing pain. Then the baby proceeds to grow inside the woman's womb for 9 months, but it has no way out as the woman's vagina is too tight. It keeps growing and it keeps clawing, until roughly 12 months after insemination it bursts out of the woman's vagina, crushing her pelvis on its way out and making her internal organs spill all over the ground as a cushion for it to land on. Sex is the only way to preserve your bloodline but it guarantees an agonizingly slow death for both parties. It's especially bad for women, as the sensation of a child bloodily clawing its way out of your reproductive organs is so intense, it can only be compared to not being able to crack open a cold one with the boys due to an ongoing global pandemic

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