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>frost and flame
Plasma is fire and meltas are microwaves.

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There may be variation in how meltaguns actually work, but basically it does some high-energy shit and causes the target to melt.

There should be a minimum of visual effect, but because video games/movies provide most information visually, then we must ignore how microwaves work and instead treat it like a star wars blaster.

Speaking of which, all laser weapons should shoot instantaneous white beams. There's no reason for them to be colored, and the shots DEFINITELY do not have travel time like star wars blasters.

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Because it rolls off the tongue better.

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<pic related>

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>Melta is just super plasma.

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According to Munitorum Manual there's 2 types: Microwave and fusion reaction (cause quick fusion reaction, blast target with the heat of it).

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There are, as per Munitorum Manual, two types of melta weapons; Ones that use microwaves and ones that use a fusion reaction to create heat.

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Between M15 and M18 humanity used sub-light speed vessels to colonize local star systems, furthest of which were 10 generations away. Tau travel, at the moment, months, maybe years between the furthest worlds. And their empire is located in a dense star-cluster with worlds very near each other.

Pic related.

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