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Okay, dream stuff comes next!

>After you passed out, you dreamed (IIRC, that doesn't usually happen- this was a unique situation, you understand).
>Your dream was the way your mind handled the new, 'impossible' information that Innocentius had provided you with.
>Your Personal Reality was altered (rather drastically, on a subconscious level), and your reliance on scientific facts to rationalize your powers was... shaken.

>You realized, deep down, that the 'rules' don't apply, and that you were only limiting yourself by trying to make them make sense.

When you made your choice of dreams, you essentially chose a 'package', which granted you certain benefits, altered your personality in some subtle (in most cases) way, and may have had some 'drawbacks'.

>By choosing the invasion dream, you gained the ability to use your powers indefinitely- essentially, you never tire from power use, and you can use your powers in spite of any fatigue/injury you might experience/sustain. You also gained a stubborn force of will that makes you pretty much implacable. >You'll never give up.
>You're also somewhat more resistant to mental attacks, and it'd be nigh impossible to force you to go against your beliefs of truth and justice.

Each package also came with choices: each would lead to a new 'evolution' of one of your powers, or, in a few cases, an entirely new one.

>Taking out the mothership made your SPONTANEOUS IGNITION able to affect a far larger surface area.
>Burning the city made your FLAME PROJECTION more potent, and helped you more efficiently/effectively utilize your HEAT RAYS.

Additionally, fires you've created are now more difficult to put out, and won't burn out due to a lack of fuel like normal fire would. Setting a counter-fire won't work on a fire you've created, and you can shoot flames from your hands in a vacuum, if you ever happen to be in a vacuum and in need of some fire.

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I'm not saying it was aliens...

but it wasn't collateral damage

it wasn't a bomb

and it wasn't an accident

or a more normal accident

and it was totally aliens

Okay, writing!

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