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Lord Lysander, your painting has improved!

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And let us not forget the 'Lord of Suck' a.k.a. 'Lord Lysander'...

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You start to grow your collection without even noticing it if you start to paint with even little bit more ambition than basic tabletop quality. First you buy basics, thats something like 10-20 pots, depending on the army. Then you realise you want some spot colours in there, thats 2-6 pots, depending what colours and how many shades you need. Then you suddenly want to try glazing and maybe add a tint to another colour with some washes, thats couple of pots of washes and some glazing medium. Then you realise how awesome mediums are and you have to have pot of lahmian medium and metallic medium. Then you want to try your hand on wet-on-wet-blending and after failure with too fast drying paints you invest in some retarder...

And then you realize your first pots are used up, go buy refills and snatch couple of pots of the new shiny technical paint... Its neverending, vicious cycle of acrylic adventure.

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>Doing shitty paintjob thread without our lord and savior
>year 2000+15

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I don't know that you've seen scary.

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