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Miku notices you eying the weapon uncomfortably, and tilts her head. “Something wrong?”

You nod. “Yeah. It feels... heavy. And also a little depressing?”

She scratches her chin and goes 'hmm' for a few moments, then snaps her fingers. “Ah, okay! Lemme just...”

She fiddles with the buckle and readjusts some things, then re-fastens it around your waist. “How's that?”

It feels pretty good. You can barely even tell it's there! You relay the improvement to her, and she nods sagely. “I think it was kinda rubbing up against your soul, there. That's never pleasant!”

Before you can say something sarcastic, she claps her hands and begins explaining things.

The gist of it is this:

The gun is a heavily modified 'autorevolver', and it holds six rounds, or 'cells' in the cylinder.

It can't fire anything but specially-made rounds made specifically for it, but the cells can be recharged and reused.

The cells are charged through heating, and have either three or four levels of charge, depending on what kind of cell they are: standard 'JACKS' have four levels, and SPECIAL cells have three.

Charge levels are indicated by the color the cell's snazzy and futuristic-looking 'tron lines' glow: the colors currently in use are Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and the two specials: Blue and Purple.

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You hurry into your workshop, your idea already formulating in your mind. You are Miku Tsuruya, a cyborg-idol-technopath-person, and you've got shit to invent!

How did you manage to not think of this earlier?

Akari needs a weapon! Something that can hit things she can't with her powers, and something she can reliably deliver less-than-lethal force with! Something she can charge with her powers and do anything from mild irritation to small-scale demolitions with!


What should you use as the base? The autorevolver is the most logical choice, but you could probably fabricate something rifle-grip and entirely-custom if you wanted to...

If you do the autorevolver or another weapon you've already got, you can make the modifications necessary in no-time flat, then get to work fabricating the necessary ammunition to put those modifications to use.

If you make something custom, it'll take longer and be more difficult, and you'll only be able to do something the size of a small rifle or bigger, but you won't have to make ammunition or anything for it.

You could also use one of those semi-automatic pistols you've got lying around, though she wouldn't be able to tell what she was about to fire as easily... which kinda defeats the purpose of the whole exercise, really.

… Akane-chan uses a shotgun, and you've got an old-ish lever-action one lying around here somewhere, just waiting to be made into something great...

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The gunmetal-gray cybernetic limb that replaced your right arm so long ago twitches in anticipation and a faint whirr of servo-motors. You brush your left hand across the place where the prosthetic connects to your flesh-and-blood arm, just below the elbow, and a thought occurs to you.

You need to finish your project.

Like, /now/. You've skipped your last twelve concerts to work on this, after all (holograms are an idol's best friend), and you finally finished it not twenty minutes ago.

An epic struggle between getting laid and doing what's best occurs in your mind, lasting for a span of perhaps a second-and-a-half, before the decision is made.

You place your hands over Akane's. “I-I-”

She jerks her hands away from you faster than you had previously thought possible.

“I'm sorry, I'm so, SO sorry, I wasn't thinking, I just assumed you were-”

You whip your head to the side in such a way that one of your absurdly-long turquoise twintails smacks her in the face. “A-as much as I want... this... there's something important we need to do first.”

“... I don't think Academy City has gay marriage laws. In fact, I don't think Academy City has marriage laws, period.”

“W-w-w-w-whaaaaa-” Why are your knees so wobbly?

Oh dear.

Akane-chan snickers. “I'm teasing you, Miku-chan. What is it?”

You lean heavily on the kitchen counter, having stumbled through the door on your wibbly-wobbly knees.

You pant a little before righting yourself once more and begin to lead Akane-chan through your apartment. You reach your bedroom and open the door, and, once Akane has closed the bedroom door behind you, you gesture with your right hand and ask the hidden room door to open itself.

It slides aside with a futuristic KTSSSSSS sound, not unlike the sound made by a pneumatic mechanism that may or may not be concealed within your wall.

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