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>Be me, Guardsman Larkin
>Stuck in this Emperor forsaken planet
>Running security for this shitty village
>One of guys forgot to burn a patch florist grass and now two of my squad mates and 1 civilian are meat bouquets
>At least the qt 3.14 bald girl from this village noticed me
>Everything's coming up, Larkin!

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>w-well how do you know about all this?
You need to know your enemy, faggot. Keep denying that you're wrong.

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Tell him you're uncomfortable with the prospect in as civil and as genial a tone as possible.

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thank you friend much appreciated, happy painting and good night to you.

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If disgusting waifufags have to lose so that SJWs also lose then I'm okay with it.

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>"You're fine by me, brother" tier

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We're all gonna make it, god damnit.
t. Cerebrotronic/mouse who's finally getting his shit together

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thanks guys, ill go for the autocannon

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yw senpai

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Thanks for the short storytiem anon.

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That just shows your loyalty to the imperium anon.

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Because I'm an actual faggot who likes dudes.

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dude that's way cool!

thanks a bunch

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Hey, thats an actually good one. Thanks, now all I need is to get the paints for an Eversonr and the skill to paint him

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I had a hearty chuckle, thanks for that.

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>Ausf. F StuG
>Super Pershing

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Astra Militarum agrees.

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Thanks. I am not the best writer, but I try my best.

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Awesome, thanks a lot OP!

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Fuck, that's pretty good.
Especially since the foundation of their tank worship is that they remind them of their tractors back home.

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