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With Capping at natural 6 to pop, why are Tesla 2+ points?

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Pick a random word that means something tangentially related. Find what it is in egyptian/mesopotamian/mayan. Add apostrophe's and sci-fi mispellings. Instant necron name.

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Like so

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>sometimes massively so like the new scarabs or spyders.

Show me how Necrons can have anything to deal with the buckets of dice Aggressors get or the Insanely cheap Eradicators (they can pick ether dice in half range not just the better rolls so that fucks over Quantom Shielding)

A beast that has 6 wounds for 90 points yup that Spyder sure is going to change the meta.
A Swarm that got its 4th wound finally just like every other swarm has had for 8th? Yup I am sure the Necrons will be on Top tables in no time.

>All Marines get 2w now

You can ether play Marine vs Marine 40k or play any non-Marine vs Marine 40k. There are two games not one for 9th.

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They've always been here, you're just used to trashy elves.

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The face needs to be a skull, m8.

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Why are necrons so cute

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When you have an extremely short life span nothing properly develops.

>another good reason to kill all the fucking frogmen.
>I would go to war for a chance at greatness

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>shortstacks, tsunderes, wide hips

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>muscly women
What you mean like a flayed one?

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It can be done well but we have all seen what GW thinks females look like...

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Could be.
I have seen girls absolutely destroy a room in a rage so it fits as a destroyer in my mind.

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They could do it if GW could Sculpt worth a damn without CAD.

>No skelly boooobs
>No crazy large hips
>Just enough changes to instantly tell the brain that this is/was female

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Robotit necrons are degeneracy.

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Necrons have had balljoints on their arms for a while.
>tfw no gothic lolita overlady to be ur spooky doll waifu

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You don't need to run it as that obvious treats.
Just the right changes to the skull and hips can do.

>not that GW can make female anything these days

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Do you think this one is a trap or something?

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Ad mech a shit now that Cawl exists.

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>tfw your necron roboMILF dreams will forever be heresy
Feels bad man

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"Ugh... mortals."

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