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>statement literally only applies to the lowest denominator of waacfag that can't even bother to paint their fotm waacmongering properly
>get triggered by it

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change it so seethin nid anon lmao
changes never alien, and don't forget you're not the only one 8th/9th completely fucked out of options

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>fly can't fall back and shoot
>most tau monster/tank guns useful in CQC are heavy so BS5+
>no markerlights
>>plus we don't know if missiles will get blast
yeah tau reaaaaaaaaaaally won this round

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>wake up
>CSM is still just 1W

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We need a busty witch to bully all these flatties

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Reminds me of the time my roommate tested a ballpoint pen on my Dark Depths.

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Sharon+Blending Pinwheel is still absolute bliss

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I'm honestly disappointed with the mutations. The majority of them are just fetish stuff. I would have made a build that both made me the protector of humanity AND gave me a waifu. Also Laura a best.

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>Physical damage.

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what a cool weeb

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the funny thing is that despite this tumbler bullshit its not actually that crazy to put tomatoes in a fruit salad. they are sweet and brightly colored. they would fit right it

you can eat cherry tomatoes like grapes

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You are only allowed to post in this thread if your entire group told you that you ran an awesome game within the last week.

First topic of discussion: Why are we so cool and awesome?

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Nope. Definitely not. Nuh-uh.

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>degenesis fighting game
this wouldn't work but I want it anyways

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