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>super aggressive
Blunderbuss. Club with a nail in it as back up.
>regular aggressive
Sword, buckler, brace of pistols or 2.

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>Why would you want GW to import Mordheim into AoS?
Because I want a Mordheim-like system of customisability and campaign play.
If GW are going to release a new game, it needs the brand-recognition of actual Mordheim to reassure the suits that the gains from grogs (and reputation) will outstrip the losses due to competition with Warcry.
I don't particularly want Mordheim in an AoS bubble, but it's the only way it happens, probably. I have relatively little faith that the Old World returning will have any real meaning, but it could conceivably be enough to justify Mordheim's return as a still-not-AoS property, which is fine too.

>If you're desperate for skirmish fighting in a ruined city specifically in AoS, the new campaign system in Warcry's 2020 annual does exactly that.
My understanding of it was that it is barely comparable at all to Mordheim campaign play, but I'm happy to be corrected.

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I had a moment of paranoia regarding Gobbo's promise to sell my soul to 4chins advertisers, as well as reduced occ at my usual delivery address increasing delivery problems.
I sad.

Next year.

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Not as much handgonnes but I got fantastical 16th-17th century guns.

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R+H >>> Darkmech
I said it.

Dark Mechanicus are neat and fun, but they just don't have the lore clout or release history to justify a full army release. Renegades and Heretics is the better option: it has a history of releases, is all over the fluff and is broad enough that you could add Dark Mechanicus or minor Xenos to it without breaking theme. It'd be better to have a Misc Chaos Party Bus faction centred around traitor guard than to put all the focus on to one quite small group of mortal Chaos followers.

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My secret kink is elite units with too many special weapons. I am incapable of taking a unit if a more snowflake Elites variant exists that I can take instead.

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Whatever happened to the Screaming Nid Guy and 2.5e? I remember sometime last week he posted it would be out tomorrow (after daily updates), but he's vanished. It was a foolish hope, any homebrew bigger than an army list needs a community behind it, not one guy who burns out within a month

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>Scout sarges can have fucking Thunder Hammers and combi-Meltas
Holy shit, I had no idea they had all the options regular sarges did. This is the shit i'm gonna miss once Primaris take over, i'm 100% building a scout leader with a power fist and combi-flamer

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I started in 5th, and want to try out some other older editions - which one is best? I've heard good things about 3rd and 4th. I've got IG and CSM+R/H, and my flatmate has CWE.

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>The Skitarri are designed to work primarily on Mars itself. On a planet of shifting dunes where heavy tracked vehicles don't work.
Going back to my original point, that's the success and failure of the Ornithopter, as well as the hovervehicles. The designs are cool in the context of desert transports, and fit perfectly into that, but not every Admech player is playing Forge World Mars on their own custom desert board. I think people find them hard to suspend disbelief over is because they have such a narrow suitable context compared to, say, Imperial Guard vehicles which make sense in just about every context.

The Ornithopter has a cool aesthetic for a very specific setting and theme. As a tabletop model, to be used in dense combat in a million settings by a million Forge Worlds, it's a terrible design because it's so inflexible.

>And you're asking for sense from an organization that throws a fit if you mount a different gun on a tank, and pray to a toaster before they use it.
Saying "it's 40k it doesn't NEED to make sense" is a cop-out. It's always possible to draw a line between what isn't realistic and what doesn't make sense inside the setting itself.

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In fluff they're massive, it's just that GW wants to sell you Marines and Demons because they've systematically sandblasted R+H into the depths of obscurity. I'm still super fucking mad, i'm willing to bet they won't even bother to put them in the updated index set.

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Anyone got any good sources of Giant Rat models? Want to do a scenario in an infested factory for the flat campaign.

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I just typed out a long thing, but it got eaten. Long and short: check out the wiki for arquebus. Early guns were mostly matchlock but its not a uniform development.

I'm personally more interested in making some light game mechanics that can have the various different early firearms fit that general vibe. So pistol D6 1hand, rifle D8, shotgun D8 area. All of them have a negative effect on moral if the enemy has to check it. Ammo, reload times, sensitive. Otherwise trying to deal with the 100s of variations on different attempts at early guns gets to fiddly imo.

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requesting buff stone/stone skinned people, preferably holding a greatsword or axe but im not too picky

not a whole lot to contribute since i deleted my folder a few months ago to make space on my harddrive, oh well

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>Which does High, Middle, and Low fantasy better
PF does high, 5E does middle, and both are terrible at low

>Which one is easier to teach

>Which one has more options

>Which one has more rules options

>Which one has better in-core balance

>Which one offers the widest array of monsters

>Which game is easier for munchkining
Depends on how you define easier, but typically PF

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>Your own little story within the bigger story of the setting. Like I said. Nothing you said here even goes against what I said.
Your point was that the bigger story matters. It doesn't. The bigger story is at best background noise to the actual stories, that being the player's and microcosmic novels.
>You mean a dozens upon dozens versions of the same characters popping up in a short span. If they happen in the span of decades, then it would be excusable. These things were happening in within the 5 years, 1 year, and even in the SAME TIME BY THE SAME AUTHHORS (see Nagash rises stories and the End Times novels).
End times is part of the age of sigmar canon, not the fantasy canon anon. You played yourself.
>you put forth characters in WHFB that according to you were developed. I tore them apart and gave examples who their characterization is wish-washy and there is nothing concrete about them. You vomited names and I actually explained the problem with each one.
The argument here is just scrolling up to your response and rereading it.To me it looks like you ignored the ones I mentioned to whine about a cast that only shared one example in common with the ones I pointed out. Considering how unreliable your memory is just in the last hour, it doesn't surprise me that you find it difficult to see consistency in anything composed of more than one or two parts that isn't an AoS-style caricature.
>just threw insults
I guess I struck a nerve :^)
I'll give you a tip man, those are there along with the argument that you seem to have misremembered yourself as tearing apart in order to make you feel bad. After I explain why you're retarded I get to call you retarded. It's only an ad hom when you only insult, in fact I have a great example.
>No point at all. Just plebing for the sake of plebing. Misinformed and ignorant.

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Kill an orc tonight

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Like all good art it's a participatory thing. His art presents a design and if you have an iq above 100 your mind begins to form stories and create conceptions of the design, it doesn't just look pretty like drawing of the models # 57

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