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That's a good idea. They never got a proper star fort model, what with forgeworld screwing up the mold of the ramilies

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Model-wise it's rivaling the size of a battle barge which is I think 7 or 8 kilometers, but models aren't always to scale with each other so I don't think it would be unreasonable to say it's larger than it appears. Also individual forts might vary anyhows.
Probably 10km at its widest, I'd say.

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For anyone wondering how to use the AdMech ships that are suddenly so easily available…

I don’t really recommend the Ark Mechanicus, only because you have to take the expensive admiral and AdMech fleets are always outnumbered as it is. You also don’t need as many attack craft as other fleets do (because of your great turrets) – so I’d go with an Oberon or Retribution. I like the latter because of its armored prow. The 2010 FAQ lets you upgrade light cruisers’ prows to 6+ too, at the expense of turning rates. That lets them participate in your line of well-armored ships bearing down on the enemy. It’s easier to use their light cruisers that way – just treat them as smaller regular cruisers that let you make up for your high point costs.

You do need some attack craft though – a Dictator in a 1500 point fleet is the minimum if you don’t take an Oberon. Probably a Gothic and a pair of Endeavors after that, then Hunters and Swords.

I normally don't like Firestorms, but these do fit the AdMech lance-escort look perfectly...

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Yeah it's great. I think I'd use it without the top bit.

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