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So the main directors of the Dwan of Fire series had a recent interview. They said that the series, which will be about the main plot point of the current 40K, will focus on the Imperium vs Chaos, Roboute vs Abaddon. However, other plot points like the Necrons and Tyranids will find their way into the series as side stories.

I gotta ask why is Gw obsessed with Imperium vs Chaos? I mean one of the studio heads (Stu Black) said that 40K is primarily the story of mankind vs Chaos and that this is represented in the 9th ed cover. He even went on to say that while there are other stories going on, none will overshadow the Imperium's struggle with Chaos over humanity's soul.

Doesn't GW understand that by saying this, they piss off and demoralize Xenos fans?

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Take it back!

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German gaming store is buying Indo boxes from Ebay and then selling them at lower prices to the fans. Moreover, they are reporting the ebay scalpers to the authorities since apparently there are taxation laws involved.

EU laws are fucked up, man.

Here is a link to the reddit thread


What's your opinion on this guys?

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the cover is great, stop being a contrarian faggot

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GW: The Imperium are not the good guys. In fact, they're the bad guys, and we have no idea why you would think they're the good guys.

Also GW:

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