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>tfw this will never be true

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>Dragons just has tap trilands

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Hey dumbass, you realize they're adding intercessor upgrade kits that give them better versions of Marinelet tactical squad/devastator squad weapons right?

Marinelets are getting squatted, so are Chaos Marinelets.
GW are being fucking stupid again and destroying the whole point of 40K by turning it into a Nobledark Chad Vs Chad wank fest.

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Got a list of shit from the Adventurer's Guide here. Don't be too surprised if you recognize a *lot* of it.

Aldori Defender (Fighter)
Argent Voice (Bard)
Armiger (Fighter)
Bellflower Harvester (Vigilante)
Bellflower Irrigator (Rogue)
Blossoming Light (Cleric)
Brazen Deceiver (Bard)
Brazen Disciple (Monk/Unchained Monk)
Crimson Chymist (Alchemist)
Curator (Occultist)
Dashing Thief (Swasbuckler)
Devil Binder (Unchained Summoner)
Enlightened Bloodrager (Bloodrager)
Geminate Invoker (Barbarian)
Giant Stalker (Barbarian)
Involutionist (Spiritualist)
Halcyon Druid (Druid)
Lantern Lighter (Ranger)
Lore Warden (Fighter)
Magaambyan Initiate (Arcanist)
Magic Warrior (Magus)
Mantis Zealot (Warpriest)
Masked Maiden (Vigilante)
Name-Keeper (Shaman)
Qadiran Horselord (Cavalier)
Raven Master (Ranger)
Ringleader (Bard)
Rostland Bravo (Swashbuckler)
Runesage (Wizard)
Scion of Talmandor (Paladin)
Sigilius (Magus)
Sister-in-Arms (Cavalier)
Storm Dreamer (Medium)
Sunrider (Druid)
Tempest Druid (Druid)
Totem-Bonded (Hunter)
Toxic Talon (Rogue)
Winding Path Renegade (Brawler)

>Cavalier Order
Order of the Asp

Aldori Dueling Sword (20 gp)
Anderos Salve and Mulibrous Tincture (5 gp)
Applecheek (10 gp)
Boniface Paint (15 gp)
Branding Iron (2 gp (common), 10 gp (custom shape))
Breath of the Mantis God (1,500 gp)
Caparison (2 gp)
Cooking Powder (2 gp)
Elven Leafblade (40 gp)
Elven Thornblade (60 gp)
Gray Maiden Plate (1,500 gp)
Hellknight Barding (varies)
Hellknight Half-Plate (850 gp)
Hellknight Leather (30 gp)
Hellknight Plate (2,000 gp)
Lantern Honey (150 gp)
Mithral Horseshoes (550 gp)
Nostalgia Oil (80 gp)
Pathfinder Chronicle (50 gp)
Phantom Ash (10 gp)
Sawtooth Sabre (35 gp)
Scarsalve (10 gp)
Signifier Mask (75 gp)
Sparkle Smoke (25 gp)
Spices (varies)
Sunblock Kohl (10 gp)
Tiller's Gum (100 gp)

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Is it me or are Tau Pathfinders absolute shite?

>can't take weapon reloads on best unit, recon drone
>jump packs on drones and stealth suits DO NOTHING
>only flying unit is an ayy lmao on a disk that basically gives away free caches
>markerlights are weaker, don't affect harlie shenanigans etc
>unit limit of 10??? Including drones???

Please correct me if I'm wrong. Please.

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Mauler, axer, bouncer.

maybe a bomber instead of a mauler.

Those are the only good warbeasts in trolls.

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This. 2hu is basically the worst player in all of /pfg/. Here's his try at shitting up Molthune knights, got BTFO by the GM.

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>These discussions are some of the most gripping we've had on /pfg/, though.

Hell fucking no.

It's basically meaningless bullshit to anyone not interested in the game.

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>Look at the lust symbol.
Holy smoley!

Oh well, that's confirm him as a TRAP since some people didn't notice those little details

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pic related couldn't be more fitting.

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>tfw have had two separate GMs offer to run JoJo games
>tfw first game fell apart because everyone just wanted to be a vampire except me, nobody else had even read JoJo or knew what a Stand was except the GM who wanted a Stand users game
>tfw second GM just never came online on Skype after the first conversation

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But anon, why?

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I know this feel too much. I've gotten into a few games that I had to cut out because of schedules... Sorta want a game aswell, but I can't GM for shit so RIP.

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>Dark Heresy, I'm GM
>Party runs into nobleman's room, he's a heretic
>he draws his power sword and his guards kill themselves on a rune in the back, which will make a warp portal open in five turns
>party loses all their melee weapons due to parrying a power sword
>assassin fires into a crowded melee and puts their AdMech doctor into dangerous crit level
>Nobleman is only buying time, and is not attempting to kill or disarm the party
>portal eventually opens and the cleric unloads a flamer
>in a crowded private office
>made of real, terran wood
>Nobleman escapes while everyone runs out on fire
>half the party is killed

I just wanted to give them a nemesis to track down.

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My apologies for being a total newfag here, but does the WoW plot also explain why the Alliance (is this even the same Alliance of Lordaeron? Or is this Alliance of Stormwind something different?) is at war with the Horde, when at the end of WC3 it appeared humans and orcs were finally starting to get along? I'm not going on a trillion fetch quests just to learn how the hell WoW ties in to the main Warcraft storyline.

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>just like mother used to make
>his mother made tits
>for food

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>mfw /tg/ can sexualixe absolutely anything up to and including insane superintelligences responsible for the near-extinction of the human race

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>Still a scenario


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The really fucked up thing is that the playtest monk wasn't MAD at all, but then they went "Hur hur hur, monk gotta be MAD because tradition!" in the final release.

Fuck me. Go look at that archived thread linked up there. Like, half of the published classes have massive fucking glaring design problems, holy shit.

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Theres definatly no 34 of asphyxious and denegra

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What if he's an Acanthus with a legacy for Death as Ruling, giving him Fate, Time, AND Death?

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>Still no Cephalyx journeyman stand-in
Feels bad man

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Is this an example of autism at the table? >>46444897

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