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Everything is cool. Killed some Xenos lately? I got some big Xenos lately.

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Sometimes it takes an open mind to realize that Marshmallow Fluff and Peanut butter can't just exist on the same bit of bread, they can compliment each other.

One of the most fucking funny stories I ever read was a Round Robin story involving Lovecraft and Howard done for a Sci-fi magazine.
I can't remember the name of it right now, but it was 6 chapters, Lovecraft did 3, in which the character was abducted by aliens and turned into a primordial ooze monster, his mind rent by the horror of it and oh shit nigga, the Aliens are talking to me.

And then Howard sits down at the type writer.
And the character decides 'Man, know what, my body was just a frame for the mind, which is perfectly fine right? Besides, look at my awesome new psudopods, BITCHIN', the Old Gods tell him he's basically been abducted because they need a warrior bad ass from another planet, they thrust an alien gun into his hands and tell him to go fight a Warlord-alien from another race, Doom Guy style.
The characters reaction? FUCK YEAH, LETS DO THIS SHIT.
And the other 2 writers just fuckin' run with it, last chapter has him as the Shoggoth King of an entire planet.
And apparently Lovecraft laughed his ass off at the whole thing and thought it was amazing.

It really is amazing how two entirely different people can be so warm towards each other, I'd give anything to have been a fly on the wall in the room where that friendship was formed.

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This is how I Batman.

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This is how I Batman.

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Like I said, I was basically burning action points every turn. Which was a GM house rule.
Our version of which gave an extra bonus equal to level on any roll.
That and again, I threw out 8K in buffs while hiding like a damn coward.
You'd be amazed at how those little numbers add up. And his DR was /+3, IIRC. One of the potions I used was an oil of +4 greater weapon.
That and again, it wasn't trying to kill me, it was trying to take me alive. It was basically just there to fuck with me and the GM didn't expect me to say no to it.
But I was going to hell before I let myself be rolled for pocket change.
The exact demon was: Paeliryon, http://www.realmshelps.net/cgi-bin/mainlist2.pl?name=Paeliryon

If I remember right it was a mix of hide in plain sight and silly lucky rolls on it noticing I'd moved position. Still the critical was the main thing since I was using an x4 critical weapon.

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We should do this again at a later date. Despite some minor frustrations, this was a fun and worthwhile experience.
>Duplicate file on the image I wanted to post.
Welp. Until the next thread, gentlemen.

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Not that guy, but why does it matter who's asking? Why shouldn't we do shit just for the sake of doing shit? More OC couldn't possibly be bad, and getting passive aggressive about people asking about it reeks of >No fun allowed.
Pic unrelated.

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I'm looking to run a Riddle of Steel game, but nobody I know has any experience for PnP games.
Any tips for a group of noobs?

have a picture for your troubles.

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