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Okay, he's just making me angry. This is probably his plan.

I need some professional advice with him and his stupidity. Someone who is well-versed in his dumb tricks.

"Mom, can I talk with you for a moment."
She has about the same look on her face as I do.

Asai leans back onto the couch, and sighs. Mom and I walk into the other room.

"I don't know." Mom says, with no hesitation.

Which I find surprising, and a little frightening!

"What do you mean 'I don't know'?"
"I don't know how to make him stop acting that way." Mom grumbles. "How do you tell him to stop acting like a dunce and take things seriously?"

"B-but that's what I was asking you!"

"This is just, how he acts. It's how he deals with stress, it's how he deals with calm, it's how he talks to his co-workers."
"Well someone needs to make him stop, because this is serious! Does he not realize that we're thinking of ways to put him in jail?"

"To him, it's all just a big dumb game. I wouldn't be surprised if he still thinks he'll just put the building back and go to work the next day."

I don't believe that. No one can be that dumb.

"So how do we reason with him?"
"I guess, and I don't really know the answer to that; the best thing is probably to convince him that working with us is the best thing he can do right now."

"But how do we do that?"
"I guess.. just make him realize that we're in control somehow."

"How do we do that? He doesn't take anything seriously!"

She shrugs.

>Go downstairs and beat him up.
>Go downstairs and restrain him somehow.
>Go to the room with the building thing, check on it
>Go talk to the clown, maybe she has ideas?

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Yes. Angered it. You see, after Masami attacked the last time; it sort-of quit listening to me."

"..How long has it 'sort-of not been listening to you', Asai?" Mom is less amused than ever.

Asai seems extremely careful with his words, "A week, maybe? Long enough to do, well. That."
"So let me get this straight." Mom is getting that edge back to her voice. "The building itself, which is a magical entity, has been out of control for a week and you didn't tell anyone. Especially me, who may have been able to do something about it a week ago."

"Right." Asai seems, oddly sheepish.


"I-" Asai adjusts his voice, "This is rather embarrassing, but I was worried you would think less of me if I couldn't get it under control by myself."

There's silence in the air. Upstairs I can hear chattering and murmuring.

"You're going back behind that table." Mom says, suddenly.
"But Izumi, I told you what-"
"No no." She pushes him back behind the wood barrier, "No excuses. Stay in the corner and think about what you've done."

Mom turns to me with a sour look on her face.
I want to ask her 'What do we do now?', but part of me already knows what she's going to say.

>Thread End

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I'm two steps off the clocktower until a better part of me reminds myself.
Mom has a plan.
She wouldn't be here if she didn't.

If I go down there now, I'll just interrupt it.

No, this isn't a time for being mad. This is a time to be calm.

I shake Haruko back and forth, barely screaming 'calm' over and over again under a whisper.

"(Masami! Stop stop stop stop!)"

"(We're both calm!)"
"(No you're not! Chill out!)"

KISSED her hand.


"Oh, you want ME, huh." Mom pulls her hand away, and then glares at Asai.
"Nothing less." Asai puts his hand on her shoulder, she visibly shutters.

I'm starting to wonder if restraining is a good idea.
"You don't know how girls work at all, do you Asai?"
"I know how monsters work, Izumi." He gets uncomfortably close to her face. "And I know that you deserve nothing less than the world."

"Hmm." Mom slowly backs several steps away. "Awful rude to ask a girl to commit before you give her anything, but no need to worry." Mom flashes him a snide smile. "I've already given you your jewlery."

Asai looks toward his hand. When he was distracted; Mom slipped the control bracelet onto his arm.

Way to go, Mom!
"Now, stop. Put the building back." Mom says, stern tone on her voice.

So, um.
"(Masami? Why isn't anything happening?)"

Asai is still staring as his wrist. Mom's arms are still crossed.

>Wait! Hold it! This might be.. something.
>Maybe one of the other adults have a plan? I should wait a moment.
>Let's try a little something of our own (what?)
>Get Asai's attention!

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"Okay." I sigh, trying to compose myself. "Let me hear it, what is your plan?"

He leans forward, tapping on the table.

"Maybe.. while Izumi is busy driving to Fortune. You can try going to Fortune through the other world. Asai will be busy watching Mom, thinking the attack will come from there. You could try going in through the other world."

I think about it, and the possible way through the sewers into Fortune HQ. The friendly monster and I got in from that way, once.

"Asai was able to play those games on you, because he knew you were coming. Maybe this time, you can get the jump on him."

That seems a little unrealistic. I'm pretty sure he has eyes on the back of his head, or somewhere.

"But before that, you should see your mother off. You don't want her thinking that you may be planning something she's not aware of."

My mouth opens to say something, just as the bedroom door to her room opens.
It's Mom, she looks none too pleased, but at least she's wearing her normal business outfit again.

"I'm going."
"D-don't you want any help or anything?"

Wow, that sour tone in her voice is really telling.
I'm not letting her go off like that!

Quickly, I run up behind her and wrap my arms around her.
She lazily responds by gently tugging my arms off of her.
"I-I'm really happy you feel that way, Masami. But I'm not in the mood."

Just as she grabs her keys and walks out into the garage, I hear her say something.
"I'm just a terrible mother."

Oh no, this is way, way worse than I thought!

>Thread End

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"But MOOM! Haruko is MISSING!"
I pout. Julie slaps her head with her palm.

"I'm sure it'll be fine, Sweetie. I think I-"
"She's missing though!"

I can't just forget about it now! I already remembered!
"Besides! There are other important things we have to talk about! Like."

"Like how do we beat Asai? He's been doing really weird stuff and I don't know how to fight it!"

Mom stops me immediately.
"You're FIGHTING Asai!?"
"Yes! I was fighti-"

She immediately grabs my arm and bolts to her feet.
"We have to get out of here! Right now!"
"Why?! What's wrong? He's a jerk and needs to pay for-"
"You don't understand! He can't be beaten when he's inside of this building! It was made specially for him!"

Wait, Fortune HQ was made specifically so Asai could do all this crazy stuff?
"But I was doing really good against him!"
Mom doesn't care about that, right now. "We need to leave! I don't know where he is right now, but he might not know we're down here, yet!"

There's still the barrier in front of the door to take care of.

>Want to try something else to knock it down?
>Maybe you're going about it the wrong way, try going to another floor and hopping out
>Or maybe see if anyone else has something in mind

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"Oh good! There you are!" I wearily stretch my aching limbs. "Did you get rid of the drones?"
"I did." He smiles.
"That's good. I was worried they were going to-"

I'm starting to notice something kind of strange about the place.
"Hey, why are the all the lights out?"
"Power Outage, I'm using it to do something more important."

"Yes, I'm making a giant bubble around the building that keeps everyone out." He sighs, "Unfortunately it has some holes in it."

Something about this seems REALLY STRANGE.
"So, um, why are you trying to keep everyone out?"
"Izumi, don't you see?"
"See what?"

Somehow, a single light right over him flickers on, illuminating him but not the rest of the room.

"This is it, Izumi. The Chairman's bloodline has no power over us!" He turns his back, crossing his arms. "All of his drones are defeated, his signet belongs to Masami. All our work has come to fruition, we're free. "

"Free? I don't-" I think about what he said for a minute, "I don't understand, what's changed? Why is this important?"
"Don't tell me you didn't want this too. I saw what happened between the Chairman and Masami." He smiles, "Your little bet paid off, and now he has no control over us."

"I didn't make her for that."
He chuckles, "It doesn't matter why you made her, what matters is that we're free from influence, free to make our own decisions."

This feels really uncomfortable.
"So, uh, what decision did you want to make that you couldn't make before?"

He pauses, "I'm going to make this world a place for constructs ad servants alike."


>"Can I go home now?"
>This sounds familiar, like someone has tried this exact same thing before.
>"That is dumb."
>"So what's different now than before?"

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"W-okay! Masami! Stay at school and I'll start searching around here, I'll send someone out to look even!"
There's silence on the other side of the line before a half-hearted "Okay."

Somehow I don't think she's going to listen to me.


"Izumi, calm down, please." My one and only friend in the whole building tries to console me.
"BUT!- BUT!- BUT-!"

I inhale sharply,

"Izumi, she's disappeared like this before. This seems to be a reoccurring pattern."

T-that's true.
"B-but... That's true but."

I'm so glad Masami can't see me like this right now, she would never respect me again!

He sighs, "I'll go search for her from the air. You should do what you said you would do and stay here and ask around."

I- I want to, but.

"Those people are scary and they never tell me anything!"
"You're going to have to try." He says as he turns and leaves the room.

He's right, I'll have to try, I'll have to try anything. Something besides hyperventilating in the break room and-
-and shoving cupcakes in my face! No! I was doing so good resisting them too!

Okay.. Okay.. First thing is first... I need to ask Asai. I don't want to, but-
The door easily opens as I walk up to it.

-but now it seems like I have no choice. I walk in, trying to cover my reddened eyes and puffy face.
"Oh Empress! I was just about to call you!" Asai says, he appears to be looking at a monitor hanging from the wall. "Tell me, I can understand Masami yesterday, but can you explain why Kaori is trying to break in through the roof entrance?"

I look past him, toward the roof monitor. Sure enough, there's Kaori wearing her disguise costume with the mask pulled off. She tries ramming the door once again, to no avail.

"O-open the door! I'm going up there to see her!"
"No way." Asai says, "If I open that door, she comes in. I'm not doing that until I know why she's here."

But.. that means I can't get to her.. and...


>Thread End.

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“I hope I meet someone like that, but the look on his face,” Miller grins widely, “It was a while ago, ha” she says, “Helen, so... lets ask you a question,” Noir, Li, Elsia, Hyun-ae and all the other girls stare at you, “Who do you like I mean,, lets face it, Commander Okowe~” Miller is clearly inebriated, and she smiles, “I mean if my dear Commander gets married I'll have grand kids soon, show Testarossa that UPVY is the better corp.. her Strikers aren't a match for my unit..”

>X “Uh..I like (Custom)
>X “Well, that's a hard question mom.”
>X “Don't worry, Noir has that covered
>X “..But.. how does that work”

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“I can’t!” she says, “My fire control isn’t working, and I can’t get a lock!”

You think to yourself.. what the hell is an Armor Tracker. There IS no such thing as an Armor tracker. You would be an expert on Armor Tracking technology, but this is something that doesn’t exist.. but wait a moment..”

“Sven, Emma, Laters. You said you have a link?” The three nod. “We are one with the Main Database, it provides command, control, and organization.”

“YOU IDIOT CHILDREN!” you shout, “Li’s fucking with you! Disable your network connection! She must have decided to up the challenge!”

You realize that they all must have modern network centric warfare equipment.. and Li broke the encryption, and added garbage to their tactical planning system... That was a dangerous skill, but it meant she was on the battlefield, but where..

“Children, this is a lesson,” you say, before reloading, “Do not rely solely on electronics!”

They nod, as Emma regains control of her weapon, and fires a single shot, which disables the tank..

Li laughs, as she climbs out of the ruined tank, “Sorry,” she said, “When I found out they all connect the kids here with a supercomputer.. I had to fuck with them. Data directly to brain implants.. sorry,” She is beside herself, but she then checks her phone, “We are being paged.”

You follow Li, and the new students walk behind you, heading back to the locker rooms.

After changing, you all end up in a huge office, where Hoshi and Akawa are looking out at the window, as Hoshi stares at some students on a running track.

“So,” Akawa starts, “As you all know, we run many companies in the mainland, but our Armor division is one of the larger ones,” the man takes a smoke.

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After packing your things, you are driven to the airport, and then onto the tarmac, where a jet with a large red circle on it waits. “Hi!” she says, “Are you Miller’s team?” she quickly hugs all of you. “I’m Hoshi Shinonono!” she says, before her assistant sighs, “Ok, sister,” she says, “Now lets make sure your armors make it onto the plane.” A second truck loads the armors into the cargo hold. “We’ll make one stop in California for fuel, and once we reach Hawaii, we’ll be mid air refueled, so this shouldn’t take too long.”

You nod, before the woman grabs onto your arm, “You are sitting with me..” she says, “A cute brown girl! I only have one, and I couldn’t get you, Miller always beats me!

<X> What..
<X> “Why?”
<X> Excuse me?
<X> How?
(Hoshi normally)

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