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I don't like the skrillex

the tyrant and the metal warriors had the good designs

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you know nothing of aesthetics, I bet you still think wielding bio-guns looks dumb too

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>I hate the look of tyranid guns
it's an acquired taste, like the normal cranial plates instead of the elongated queen/zerg crest

you've got to throw away the idea that tyranids are just mindless beasts and acquire the idea that modular designs are successful designs even in bioengineering
when you look at tyranids less like super-evolved animals and more like bio-tech martians you'll begin to understand

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Best fleet scheme coming through

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nids are cooler
because old school aliens roots

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most nids players are either more concerned with conversions than paints or are beginners that care little about true aesthetic sense

also I bet it gets extremely frustrating after the 40th gaunt
I put dot lines designs on all my nids, it really drags down the painting process a lot

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>Shootiest Army
>Best CQC Army
>Best Psychic Army
Grey knights
>Most Durable Army
Tzeentch Screamerwing
>Fastest Army
>Most Numerous/Best Horde Army
>Smallest Workable Army
Imperial knights

>>Design Categories (more subjective)
>Most Visual Variety
>Most Conversion Options
>Most Interesting Color Schemes
>Best Special Characters (visual and gameplay)
Imperial guard
>Easiest to Paint
>Hardest to Paint Well
Genestealer cults

>>Feel free to nominate more categories!
>Asspulls driven background
>Most stable background niche

>Bonus question: why do you play the armies you play/why are they your favorites?
Tyranids are simple, a combination of quality references, compact yet flexible designs, straightforward themes and challenging presentation on a gameplay level for both players.

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>I never paint anything crusty looking or dirty or battle damaged, because the setting is dumb and should be treated as the hilarious heavy metal album cover parody setting it actually is.
I'm slowly getting to love the bright and saturated colour schemes like that too

to the point I'm planning to update my nids to follow a colour scheme I suggested to another anon some threads ago

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heroic intervention looks like one of those gimmicks you don't get to use often

what do you all think?

post kino colour schemes

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go with modernised old school:
>bright red as base
>pink fleshy bits (necks, hands, tendons, inbetween ribs)
>bright green for mucous (mouth, gills and holes on arms and tails, inside of chimneys, whips)
>purple/blue plaques of carapace which goes towards purple/red until pure bone as it moves on the edge of the plaque/tip of the talon
>hooves, small talons and teeth follow the same rules as the plaques, but obviously shortened displaying way more bone than the full spectrum from blue/purple
>completely ossified ribs and cranium (bone colored) except for the lower part of the mouth, which is still fleshy (pink)
>black glossy eyes

>extra point for black dots forming various designs on the carapaces to distinguish between units

pic not completely related, but it's the starting influence

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