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no prob, anon

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You can see Ayuz’s face looming over you. You move to strike it but there are hands on your thighs and your arms and your feet pinning you to the ground, their skin rough, the ground rougher. This is not the first time it happens. You know what follows, and you cry out for Srahen, but your head can’t move either, and your mouth sprouts fingers from within, locking with fingers without.

“Lady Heldeqi?”

He planned this, he planned it all, you can see his wicked grin as he strokes Srahen’s wings, his officer’s sword glistening inside its scabbard. But you have other concerns, and your nightmare begins anew, your stomach bloating with corruption, eating your future as something invades you from the inside.

“Lady Larre?!”

You wake up shivering madly in the crepuscular dawn of the forest, a foul taste in your mouth and a blanket on your shoulders.

“Let me not have to correct you again, Squire-Sergent,” you snap, your tongue doughy from sleep.
“My L—Knight-Lieutenant, please accept my apologies. It won’t happen again.”

He does look contrite, even if his accent is too thick for you to read his tone. A good soldier, from his reaction to your unfair rebuke, and from his grade. Very good even. Odd for a commoner to become a Squire, but you guess hard assignments require hard men.

“No worries, then. Your apologies are duly accepted.”
“My thanks, Knight-Lieutenant. We let you sleep, since you’ve been obviously in some deep sh—Ah, trouble. Would it be too much to ask about them?”

>”Yes, it would.”
>Tell him an embellished version of the events.
>Change the subject, ask about his own mission’s outlines.
>Tell him the whole truth, and bind his tongue with a promise.
>Other (?)

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Yup. That's what I thought, but it was well drawn and wasn't extremely sexual, so I thought it was worth it.

More Dragon Riders.

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Couldn't find any specific stuff, this is all I could find quickly.

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