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Seems fair. I'm a brazillian zoomer and while I didn't experience the satanic panic about TTRPGs I very much felt it with stuff like pokemon and honestly I'd trade SJWs for soccer moms and fundamentalists any day

The problem when shit becomes mainstream is that companies will of course try to appeal to the lowest common denominator so they dumb down stuff and give up on it's niche market. But also there are these "geek cultist" that will defend anything under their favorite brand's name like the Pokemon Sword and Shield shitshow, so even some hardcore fans can be part of the problem

But gatekeeping is still good. Anime cons were ruined by normies brought by League of Legends and the MCU and soon they were having shitty youtubers as guests instead of artists, voice actors and musicians related to the mediums. I remember going to the auditorium early to watch a panel so I could get a seat and having to endure a perfomance by literal favela faggots dancing to brazillian favela faggot music

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>The most hyper-adaptive race in existence adapted to combat something
>This is an asspull to the Chaoscuck

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>playing rpgs

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SHow us on this doll where the fudge dice touched you.

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>DM says Chaotic Evil characters aren't allowed
>Let's one of the players do Chaotic Evil things because he is his drive home

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>implying YHWH
>implying YHWH was good according to any system of morality not its own

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>complaining about fantasy armor choices.
>in a game of fantasy
I mean, if it was a historical fantasy, maybe then I would comment about it.
But if it standard D&D-esque fantasy, I would kindly ask you to fuck off back to Robot Land or where ever you come from.

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>Ripspikes pow 11 still
>d3 pow 10 on model already hit
The fuck?

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That mace looks really stupid.
[spoiler) how can I get one? [/spoiler]
Class: minor villain rouge.

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>set up a warmahordes game, testing out the /tg/ scene in a new town
>opponent says "ok let's do a casual game"
>fine by me!
>opponent brings epic Lilith
>my thoughts: oh you fucking cunt, casual game my ass
>bring my Cygnar A-Game, ready for a brutal fight
>set up, start playing
>table him by third turn
>he gives a scrub excuse for why he sucked: "if i wanted to use ranged and guns id play Infinity"
>other players agree with him
>pack up my shit, I'm done with these fucks but remain cordial
>he slams his fat fucking belly into my minis case, spilling everything out, breaking models

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I don't know why I was expecting it to end well, shit like this never ends well.

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