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>During the final battle, all soldiers take off their helmets and quickly shout their names and a brief summary of their lives so fair
>Deaths are less frequent, and those who do die often die tragically and significantly

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>If you expect even the slightest effort from women, you're weak and lazy
and they wonder why I hate vaginoids

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Where can I get cute knight companions.

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If the knight can reach his achilles tendon, he can kill 'im. Cut one or preferably both, then go to town.
>B-But the rest of muh leg
Cut the back of the knee, then the tendon in the loin, then go to town
>B-But muh arms
You didn't train from the age of 7 for nothing, doofus

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I would argue the opposite: playing a character who's wealthy, noble or in a position of power (assuming your standard fantasy setting) is easier to justify than some random commoner, for multiple reasons.
>The PCs need to afford arms, armor, adventuring gear and/or magical training. These things can get very expensive, with late medieval full plate armor being more or less comparable to a modern house in terms of value relative to the times
>These PCs will often recieve their quests from important people like kings and high priests. Who do you think a king is more likely to trust with such sensitive affairs as the fate of his realm or the life of his daughter, someone from the warrior nobility or some randum schmuck? A well connected merchant's son the king may perhaps even know personally, or some filthy peasant who smells of poverty and failed harvests?
>By D&D WBL charts, even a level 1 character is significantly wealthier than even whatever passes for a 'middle class' in that setting
>In terms of rewards, it would be less controversial for a noble or even a rich merchant to be rewarded with land and titles than some commoner
In my eyes you'd have a harder time trying to justify playing a 'normal' character. If you're afraid of these characters gaining too much power, either make the nobles foreigners or make them lower nobility. By which I mean that the PCs father only rules one incredibly shitty city in the armpit of the realm, and even then the PC is his fifth son so he will almost certainly not inherit.

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Why do all paladins on this board get shit for being evil and everything evil gets love?

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