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>When Genestealers are better in every single way
I'm not even going to bother discussing why Venomthropes are garbage. Go back to the drawing board.

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It's been a while anon, and they retconned themselves already. Just let it go. At this point you just look like you are desperate for a reason to be upset. It's petty.

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>It always seems to be a part of the most minmaxed builds
This has to be bait.

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Your samefagging is honestly quite sad and pathetic

I almost feel sorry for you, that you have nothing better to do with your life than continuously shitpost

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Nice trips, I'll give you that.

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>Everything after the Migration period, up until at least the Renaissance, was a Mad Max-tier post-apocalypse situation where a bunch of burly dudes with the biggest swords ran the show without a fucking clue how or why the way the world was the way it was.

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Because I L O V E the testosterone.

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