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if we choose to stick around, it shouldn't be in a village where everyone knows everyone, nor a city with too much darkness to fight. therefore, a town-
no, if im doing it im doing it right. as long as the challanges aren't too great, their numbers won't matter. but... aren't the witches of this world already fight the darkness? is there still darkness in cities?
that is correct, save from a few humans who sold their soul no actual monsters reside in any city. the only place for battles are on the edge of the world, they would be happy for any help they could get and it is a good opurtinity to gain popularity; However a magical girl is not about combat but about hope. this world is full of despair.
you think you can lecture us about the nature of the girls? reinforcments on the edge of the world sounds like a good way to bring about hope.
but what point in holding off the monsters while the plans of the demon lord take place and destry sociaties from within? the monster on the edge aren't a problem. should they grow too bold, the witches will move on them. like they did a few hundreds of years ago, in the great war.
than what do you suggest? politics?
yes actually. the witches of this world are ingrained heavily in politics. if we remove them and insert our own-
not 'our'. you work for us. but I see your point. this is without precedent tough, to go so boldly like this.
not that boldly. Viola will join the witches ranks in her human guise. she has enough power to be accepted, and with our help she should safely navigate to a position with influance.
but what about her age? the witches will notice her age sooner or later.
in that case, we should get the natural aging perk above all else.

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Rolled 7, 7, 17, 15, 5, 19, 2, 7, 19, 4, 12, 2 = 116 (12d20)

don't bother looking for my next post, ill save the results on a .txt file on my PC.

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