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[x] Breech the middle- time is an issue.

"We're breaching the middle!" You call. "Wendy, you lead!"

You cut out Konstantina's protest by winging over and plugging in the max afterburners. A jolt of surprise runs through Merlin, settling down to warm embarrassment again. You angle in straight at the massive craft, watching as the turrets on this side- three on top, two on the underbelly, pivot around to draw a solution on you. You roll up into a climb just as they do, gaining thousands of feet of altitude in the blink of an eye before climbing over the top and looping back down into a dive and lining up on the designated target point for the breach.

[] Use the main gun, leave nothing to chance.
[] We saved those AMRAAMS for a reason!
[] Only a big pussy would go for two fox ones, I'm goin in for guns.

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[x] Go for it.

You nod. "Yeah, go for it. I'll do a walkaround inspection and be up in a few."

Merlin nods and makes for the stairwell- you look over, purely by chance, in time to see her hand the poncho liner back to Brigitte before dropping out of sight behind the canopy somewhere.

Brigitte was right- there's no way she should be showing off that much skin. At least all the sword training is doing her figure good, though.

You don't see anything out of the ordinary as you do your walkaround, though you'd be hard pressed to tell if something wasn't glaringly obvious. For a second you wish you had the wyvern- you're a lot more familiar with it, and you'd be able to tell. You do pause for a second on the aft end of the jet, looking up at the massive, massive exhausts of the jets, and their thrust vectoring equipment.

"You good, baron?" Brigitte asks as you finish the inspection, noting the guns on the aircraft are a paired set. You nod.

"Everything looks like it should, I guess." You say.

She nods. "Bon. Good. You want to climb on up here? I'll help you strap in."

The front office sits underneath a bubble canopy all it's own- you look around for Merlin for a second before Brigitte realizes what you're searching for and points to a flush hatch located behind the canopy. "She's in there." She says. "Armored capsule, she's probably still getting situated. It's got the best connection a witch could want, but it's not like wearing strikers."

"Uh huh." You say, raising an eyebrow. "Something I should know about?"


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[x] Actually, Merlin, I came to talk about some personal business.

You nod. “Maybe. But, I actually stopped by to talk about some personal business.” You say.

She looks over at you, curious. “What's going on, Frank?”

“Well, you see,” You say, sighing. “Ice and Slider and Katya and are all- we're seeing each other. Officially.” You say, struggling to find a decent way to phrase it.

“Oh.” Merlin responds. “So they're your girlfriends for real now?”

“I guess?” You tell her. “It's kind of complex, I guess. I'm still really not entirely sure how it's supposed to work.”

She nods. “What do Staysa and Lilya think?” She asks, looking over at the girls, who've positioned themselves far enough away to not eavesdrop, but only just.

You shrug. “Not sure. They seem happy with it.”

“I'll ask later, they won't ever complain to you.” She says. “It's not your fault though, that's just... it's how they are.”

“What about me?” You ask. “Well, us.”

She smiles. “I'm just really glad you found someone.” She says. “Having Kenji around helped a lot at Barin for me. Besides,” She says, giggling, “Besides, it's kind of past time. I mean, Tabitha was about ready to explode!”

You chuckle, nodding. “Yeah, she was getting pretty bad. But you don't have any problems with it? Even with who they are?”

She shakes her head. “Not at all. Frank, I think you needed them too. And it'll be good for Stasya and Lilya too.”

You nod, relieved. “Glad to hear you say that, kiddo. What about Kimiko?”

She shrugs, looking over at her self-styled 'big sister'. “I don't know. She did think you were cute, but I don't think it was that big a deal to her. I'm not even sure she'd really care, as long as it wasn't a problem for the squadron or our combat performance.”

[] Let's get her opinion anyway.
[] I'll accept that for now, I need to go talk to Mav anyway.

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[x] Oho! She does, does she?

You grin. “Oho! She does, does she?”

Merlin nods, hesitantly. “Yeah. But She's really traditional. She said that the man should always make the first move, a-and that it's a woman's role to be subservient to her husband.

You shrug.

[] Yeah, I guess she's right.
[] Bah. Boring! Give me a girl with some fire in her heart, yeah?

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[x] Good point, let's go see what all they're on about.

You nod. “Yeah, good point. Let's go see what they're on about.”

Lilya tugs on your sleeve to get your attention. “Should we get Stasya?” She asks, when you look down at her.

“She can talk!” Brigitte exclaims.

Lilya looks at her for a second, then turns back to you. “We- “ She pauses. “We like your implants. Ours aren't as nice.”

You've noticed that both of them do make efforts, at least now, to hide the large steel plates on the back of their necks- Stasya is growing her hair out, and Lilya tries to wear clothes that cover them. The behavior is recent- when you first met them, they didn't seem to have any particular habits about their implants at all. You're not sure as to why that'd be recent, but you haven't said anything about it to them, and haven't brought up the subject at all.

“Yeah, I suppose we should.” You say. “Let's go see them.”

The three of you put up your trays- or, more accurately, you put yours and Lilya's in the tray return, while Brigitte gets her own. You then head back upstairs, noting that moving- even looking around, pivoting your head on your neck, doesn't hurt at all, and doesn't really feel different.


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[x] (taking the write in)

“Well,” you say, taking a bite out of your own burger. “There's lots of places with good food like this we'll eat at.”

“There are?” Staysa sounds completely blown away by this- she looks at her own burger, then back at you. “But this food is-”

“Good” Lilya says- the first you've ever heard her speak. You look over at her in shock, noting that, despite your instructions, she's still halfway through her burger.

Even Stasya looks at her in surprise while Lilya continues eating as if nothing happened.

“What other places are there like this?” Stasya asks- you wonder if she's trying to trip you up or throw you off about food- she probably doesn't believe you.

“Oh, man. I couldn't name them all.” You say. “But I'll try. There's the pub we ate at in London, right there by St. John's lodge-”

“H-hey frank.” Merlin interrupts. “Do you think t-they'll give you a suite there now?”

You shrug. “Food first, then politics.” you say, and she grins. “There's about a half dozen places in Paris, the one place in Japan, remember Merlin, there by Yokosuka?”

She nods. “Mhmm. R-really good sushi there.”

“Five or six places here in town, we won't get to them all. Plus there's my aunt and uncle up north, but I don't think we'll get to see them while we're here.” You say. “And the colonel, we might see him, he's not too far from china lake.”

“The Colonel?” Stasya asks- having gotten a shade paler. Lilya's looking at you, her eyes wide- and her burger, at least, what's left of it, sitting on her plate. “Y-you mean...?”

[] “Huh? What's wrong?”
[] “Sure, Rufus is probably still out there too.”

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[x] Can do, sir.

You nod. “Can do, sir. We just need enough to get by, not too much.”

“Good.” he says. “Go ahead and head on down, and I'll make that call.”

You nod, motioning to the girls- Samantha is already up and moving- to follow you. They do so without saying anything, surprising no one.

As it happens, the driver downstairs waiting for you is inspector Victoire himself, his professional looking white shirt covered over by the black canvas of a shoulder holster. He nods at you, bowing quite gallantly to the girls- neither of whom respond. He shrugs and grins at this. “so, my friend, where to?” He asks.

You shake your head. “No idea. Never shopped in cannes before.” you say. “where should we go.”

“Ah, shopping. For clothes?” he asks. You nod.

“Well, this is a resort city, yes? It will be expensive to buy anything here. Especially with the film festival due in soon. The place is already crawling with gendarmes and those that wish to be close to famous people without being famous themselves.” He says, thoughtfully. “We could perhaps shop along the water front, but that will be the most expensive and the most crowded. The clothes though, will be the best, I am sure.”

“What else is there? I'm not that rich.” You say, laughing.

“In town, perhaps, up near Campane. It should not be as crowded there, and perhaps we can find a more reasonable store there, things that poor government workers, such as ourselves, can more easily afford.”

[] You know what? Let's spoil them a bit. To the waterfront!
[] yeah... stipends don't got that far, let's head into town.

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[x] ask Merlin about the girls.

“So they're quiet.” You say, breaking the silence between you and Merlin. Far from unwelcome, it's just one of those quiets where the two of you are enjoying luxury you rarely get.

She nods. “T-they're kind of scared of you.” She says.

“Scared of me? Why?” You ask, surprised.

“T-they think you'll be angry at them f-for fighting against you.” She says. “I-I've told them that that's not true, but they have to see it f-for themselves.”

You nod. “Fair enough. What else do you know about them?”

“N-not a lot.” Merlin responds, looking down, her voice suddenly subdued. “T-they don't like to talk about a-anything.”

“I see.” You say, trying to keep the heat out of your voice. “Nixon and Longstreet both think they're conditioned.”

Merlin nods. “Y-yeah, I think s-so too. I-it's horrible.” She shakes her head. “F-frank, you'll never let that happen t-to us, right?”

“Right, kiddo.” you say- while you don't like making promises you don't know you can keep, you feel like you can make this one safely. “And I'm going to try and help them get better.”

She shakes her head. “I-I think the best y-you'll be able to do is j-just be there for them.” she looks back up at you, a hopeful smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. “S-shouldn't be hard f-for you though.”

You grin. “Yeah, shouldn't be hard at all.”


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[] Taking the write in. (It's close to the winning answer anyway)

You grin. “Can do sir.”

“Well, that's good, son-”

“The not dying part, anyway. The rest of it is still fair game, right?” You finish.

Longstreet about chokes on her tea, and Nixon looks surprised for a second, then nods. “Well, son, just remember, you have to set an example now, you're a father figure.”

“Well, they'll need a mother figure, right?” You ask.

“Son, just make sure you don't do anything that'd get you in trouble, ok?” He says, shaking his head with a smile. “But you do realise that if you do get married, it'll have to be a military ceremony, right?”

“I'd given up hope of having a quiet wedding in the mountains months ago, sir.” You say.

“Good, cos it's gonna be big.” He responds, grinning again. “And speaking of the media-”

He gives you the biggest shit-eating grin you've ever seen on a flag rank officer, bar none.

[] I'm not going to like this, am I?
[] You know what sir? I can't handle this on an empty stomach. I'll go get chow now, if that's alright.

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[x] Keep an eye on them, if they go to fire control, let us know.

“We're still out of range.” You say, noting the tagged contact is still a hundred and twenty miles away. Not much breathing room, but enough. “Warn us if they go to fire control, but we're going to divert away from them.”

“Can do.” She responds. “If we divert, we should be ok, we're a lot faster than they are. And we haven't radiated, so they didn't see us.”

“Yeah, but how much you want to bet those Migs called it in?” You ask, nodding at the twin's choice of positioning- above and to the left of the jetliner.

“They didn't get any outgoing transmissions.” She says. “But it won't matter if the slava down there doesn't see them. They'll assume something happened anyway and phone it in.”

“Right. How long till Turkey?”

“A little under an hour at this speed. But Frank, the Turks might not be able to help much, they're pressed hard in the northeast.”

“Yeah, but I'd rather be over friendly territory than not.” You say. “Keep an eye out.”

“Want radar?”

“What about the Slava?”

“What are they going to do they haven't already?” she asks. “Besides, they already know something happened to their interceptors. Maybe if they know it's us, they'll hesitate?”

It's a possibility, given your reputation. Then again, it does advertise that you're here and expecting trouble, which could backfire on you.

[] No, leave it cold. I'd rather have the element of surprise on them.
[] Yeah, turn it on. We need to see them coming more than anything else.

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[x] Huh. Wonder where those rumors are coming from?

“Huh.” You say. “Wonder where those rumors are coming from?”

The colonel points at you and slaps around her pockets. “Aha! Here.” She says, handing a piece of a newspaper to you. “I was hanging onto that for you, that's from yesterday or the day before.”

“How'd you get a copy of this all the way out here?” You ask, looking at the newspaper- it's a page from the entertainment section of the LA times- an article with a grainy picture of Merlin and Kenji at a restaurant. You assume that was taken when she was on her date.”

“Witch contacts.” She says. “So you didn't know about him?”

[] Oh, I knew about him, but I wasn't exactly out to spread it around.
[] News to me. I ougghta have a talk with her.

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[x] Because I think she's not assessing it realistically.

“Because I don't think she's assessing it realistically.” You say, frustrated. You sit on the back bumper of the closest truck. “I love the kid like family, but she's too into this whole technology thing. She's ignoring the risks because it's shiny and new and the exact sort of high-speed, low-drag stuff she's all about.”

Young nods. “I think I know what ya mean, dad's like that with engines. Well, kind of. He's big into machines, though, ya know?”

“Sure,” You agree. “Hell, I love technology too, shit's cool, and the stuff it can do is amazing, but this-”

“This is different.” Young supplies, taking a seat on a crate nearby. Patty joins her a second later.

“Yeah, exactly.”

“But, how is it different?” She asks. “ I mean, shit, you guys let her practically run the hangar crew, she's got four or five, maybe more, major aerospace companies who'd do anything she asked them just to get her to consider a contract with them, she's damn near considered the second coming, and you're doubting her on technology?”


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[x] Merlin's big into this VDNI thing, kinda looking for other opinions.

“Well,” you say, taking a plate of ham and eggs- then motioning for some more scrambled eggs to be added to it- “Merlin's big into this VDNI thing, and I was kind of looking for some more opinions on it. I talked to Slider and she was pretty against it.”

Ice nods. “Yeah, I can see that. I don't really know, Frank.” She says, picking out a corner table and sitting down. “I mean, there's a lot of supposed advantages, but the health risks are totally unknown.”

“Could be nothing.” You say, remembering how normal and healthy Laika was, or seemed to be.

Ice nods. “Could be. Could also do all kinds of things to you that we don't know yet. And we've never tested it with two people in the same aircraft before, either.”

You shrug. “The reds were working with that, though.”

She nods again, cutting a piece of ham. “So I hear. But their definition of acceptable risk and ours are two totally different things.”

“Yeah, sure. But it was being worked with.” you say. “And Merlin thinks it might reduce how hard I have to push up there.”

Ice pauses. “Does she?”

“That's what she says.” You respond. “But at the same time, yeah, it could, but it could also give us a hell of a boost when we do have to go hard, you know?”

Ice chews her lip. “I know what you mean, yes.” She eventually says.

“What's wrong?” You ask. “If she's right-”

She nods. “I know. But what if she's not?”

“It's Merlin.” You respond. “When is she wrong about tech? Shit, you use stuff she designed-”

“So do you.” Ice says.

“My point exactly. Kid's a genius when it comes to this sort of stuff, shouldn't we trust her?”

Ice looks conflicted about it. “I'm not sure.” She finally says.

“Why?” You ask.


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[x] Let's sit on it till we get back, we can see what the others think.

You shrug. “Maybe,” You admit. “But let's sit on this till we get back, we can see what the others think.”

Part of you wants to go for it, even after you answer- she's got a point, it really will push you that much closer to being completely unstoppable, or moreso than you already are, at this point.

The problem, as you see it, isn't in the increased capability the system offers, it's in just how many unknowns there are in it. The phrase “potential health risks”, for example, has you kind of leery. Even though you do trust Merlin, there's just too much about it you don't know for it to be worth the risk, at least not without getting some further input.

Merlin, though, nods, accepting your answer. “O-Ok Frank.” She says, closing the binder up. “W-we can wait. I bet t-they won't like it t-though.”

“What makes you say that?” You ask.

She shakes her head. “T-They'll say there's too m-much risk. We d-don't know enough. T-They don't trust m-me like you do.”

You grin, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close for a sort of one-armed hug. “That's cos they don't fly with you kiddo. Their loss.”


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[x] Die Hard

"Let's watch Die hard." You say, adjusting yourself on the couch for a better view of the TV.

Melody nods. "Good choice, that's my favorite movie."

"Yeah, sure it is." Amber responds. "You have a crush on Bruce Willis."

"Do not!" Melody says, heatedly. "I just like the movie!"

"And anything else he's in. And him." Kim says, from her spot on the floor. "Face it, Mel. You've got a crush."

"Do not." She says again. "He's not even that good looking! Not like Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer or.. uh..."

"Yeah, sure." Katie says, joining in. "You keep saying that, but that doesn't make it true!"

The banter gradually dies down, and the first half of the movie is gone by the time the pizza shows up.

"Hey, Bishop, mind giving me a hand?" Katie asks, swatting at your leg as she stands up.

"Sure." You say, standing up- fully aware your couch is probably gone now, with more than one pair of eyes turning on it as you stand up. You're sure they're looking at the couch, too, not eying you like a piece of meat.

Nope. not you. You're a fighter pilot, you tell yourself. You do that, not have that done to you.

The delivery guy has to take three trips- though you're pretty sure he doesn't mind, considering the tip Katie hands him, not to mention Katie flirting with him the entire time. She stops just short of inviting him inside to the party- you get the impression that some things are inviolate, even for predatory Spec ops witches.


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[x] Alright, where did you hide them?

You- rather calmly, you think- set down your flight bag and your pack, and sit down on your bed next to them. Merlin, sitting in almost the exact same place across the room on her bed looks at you, still smiling.

“Alright, where did you hide them?” You ask. At this point, you know she knows, and she knows you know.

“I-In my pack.” She says. “T-that was a silly thing t-to get Frank.”

“I'm aware.” You respond. “Can I have them back?”

“F-for what?” She asks.

“So I can get rid of them better. Like sinking them into the Marianas trench.” You say. “Or finding a flamethrower. Or strapping them to a napalm can next time we get those.”

“I-I think I'll keep them.” She says, shaking her head. “I-it will solve a lot of p-problems if I do.”

“Like what?” You challenge.


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[x] Let's get Powers first. I have a feeling if she is by the baths, she's gonna get in trouble.

You think for a second, putting together your available information. Powers is a recon specialist with access to a high power camera, and she likes to 'lurk' around the bath. Putting two and two together, you smell the potential for a lot of trouble. As in 'international incident' trouble.

“Let's go see about Powers, first.” You say, pivoting on your heel to head towards the baths. “I smell the potential for a lot of trouble, if we don't.”

“She c-could already be in trouble too.” Merlin says to you. “I-I mean she's been c-caught before.”

You wince, imagining it didn't go over well. “By who?”

“I d-don't know.” She says. “I just o-overheard some witches talking a-about it in the hangar. I-I'll ask next time, I'm sorry.”

“Nah, no big deal, I was just curious.” You respond, shaking your head. “You'd think after getting caught once, she'd lay off.”

Merlin, for her part, just shrugs.

“So where does she hide? If it's in the bath itself, we're in trouble.” You state, looking into the door of the changing room- noting there's a couple piles of clothes there.

Merlin shrugs. “I c-could try and see if she's g-got her camera with her, t-that might tell us. B-but...”

She trails off.

“But what?” You prompt.

“B-but someone might t-think I was trying to peep too. C-cameras l-like to show you what they're l-looking at.”

[] Go ahead and try, I'll cover for you.
[] We'll just do this the old fashioned way, then.

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[x] Might as well grab Merlin and Mav too, let's bring the whole gang.

You look back over your shoulder at the two witches, and shake your head. “Oh no, I'm not leaving you two to eat all the food. C'mon, you can come welcome the admiral too.”

Merlin nods and stands up, but Mav casts one longing look at the now much-reduced plate of chicken, then stands up. “Fine, but I'm only doing this because you rank me. And it's under protest. Sir.”

“Hey, so, who all knows about your nickname for Yo-” You start, before she cuts you off.

“Now, don't go getting hasty on me. Uh, I mean, Frank.”

You laugh. “S'what I thought.”

“Anyone ever tell you you play dirty?” Mav asks.

“I play to win.” You correct.

The helicopter- a navy Seahawk- touches down on the pad without much trouble- you briefly envy the pilots, being able to land anywhere like they are, but, thinking about how ugly they are, and how slow and relatively boring their flight profiles are, you quickly re-think your admiration. Still, you run forward to help the admiral with his bag- a standard, OD green Sea bag tossed out of the door by the old man, before he steps down, one hand on his cover to hold it in place against the downwash.

You grab the bag and greet him with a handshake as the 'hawk pilot pulls collective and lifts his bird off the pad. “Good to see you, son! Glad to see you haven't gone completely crazy here!” He says, returning your salute, then offering a handshake. “Barin does that to pilots, ya know. Makes 'em crazy.”

“How can you tell I'm not, sir?” You ask, laughing.


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[x] You need to come down and see, I don't want to ruin it.

“You- wait, no one's told you either?” You ask, kind of surprised- you'd have figured Slider would have run up here as fast as she could to tell Ice about Merlin's improved strikers, so the fact she's still in the dark about them is a shock.

Ice shakes her head. “No, but I figure it's big, there's a letter in here from vought about some bigwig or other of theirs coming by.”

“Only very.” You say. “C'mon, let's go.”

“Go- wait, Frank. I've got a lot to do and-”

“And you always have a lot to do. C'mon, you won't regret it, I promise.”

She sighs, but stands up, nodding. “Alright, I'll go.” She says, quietly. “But We can't take too long, ok?”

You grin. “Yeah, sure.”

The hangar isn't empty- honestly, it never is, with crews working on both your wyvern and a group clustered around Merlin's area- a pair of striker racks now inhabit it, along with, you note, a posted SEAL witch, though today it's not Brigette, but instead a blonde haired girl with a submachine gun carried easily and a pair of blacked out abrams strikers on. She nods in your direction as you walk towards the group, giving you only a glance.

Merlin sits at a stool on the racks, helping one of Kenji's techs install something in one of the strikers, near the wingroot. You note the presence of conformal tanks there- at least, you assume they're conformal tanks, though it's hard to tell.

“Hey Merlin.” You say, greeting her- her head whips up and around, a smile on her face.

“F-Frank!” She beams, jumping up and slamming into you, hugging you. “I-I wondered if you w-were going to come down. T-they brought a-almost a whole shop for m-me to play with! W-want to see?”

[] Actually, I wanted you to show the boss your thing with the strikers, if that's alright
[] Sure, let's go take a look! Sounds like you're pretty pleased with it.

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[x] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

“We'll talk to Ice later, then.” You say, deciding. “Now, what did you have to show us?”

That, if nothing else, gets Merlin's spirits back up. “O-oh!” She says, popping up out of the chair. “C-c'mon!”

You laugh and follow behind her as she makes a beeline for the strikers racks in the back corner- reserved, usually, for hangar queens and damaged units- recently inhabited by Wendy’s strikers. A pair of almost-new looking YF-23 units sits in the racks, distinguishable by their unique wing and tails.

“Mr.- uh. Mr. Bishop!” Mr. Perry, the factory team lead greets you, shaking your hand. “Samantha told us she was anxious to show you her babies, but I, uh. I didn't think she'd bring you down right after a flight!” He laughs.

“Her babies?” Slider asks, and Mr. Perry's broad grin answers, almost before he does by gesturing to the strikers behind him. “It's, uh. It's a long story, but she's been designing a lot of things for these.”

A woman, standing next to him, nods. “You're Mister Bishop?” She asks, holding out her hand. You nod, and return the handshake as offered. “I'm Cindy Zemke. I'm with chance vought.”

“Pleased to meet you, Miss Zemke. What's all this about?” You ask.

She smiles. “Your Samantha, here, is an absolute treasure, Mister Bishop. She's been changing the way we've been thinking about things so fast-” She shakes her head. “I can't even describe it. She stopped to help us work out bug that was giving us trouble with the wyvern, and she did it without giving it any thought.”


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[x] “They did? What did they find?”

“They did?” You ask, sitting up halfway. “What did they find?”

Ice hesitates, then points at the TV hanging in the corner of her office. “They sent this down for me to review.” She says, grabbing her VCR remote and rewinding the tape. “I know you saw this, but this is... important.”

She rewinds the tape to when Merlin's shield first flashes into being, it's hemispherical body covering the front part of your fighter- the angle means the footage must have been taken from Powers. You nod, and Ice pauses the film right as the shield starts intercepting Katya's bullets.

“That's not normal.” She says. “That black in there? That's... well, we're not actually sure. They're looking at the residuals now, but-” She shrugs.

“So it's something, but we don't know what?” You ask, and she nods.

“Exactly. That's very not normal.” She says. “Hopefully the residual energies will be enough to tell what it means, if it doesn't, we'll have to do work with her.”

You quirk an eyebrow at that, something about the way she said that causing warning flags to pop in your mind. “Exactly what does that mean?” You ask.

Ice shrugs helplessly. “It's be very basic strength testing, stuff we all do in our first academy year.” She says. “I'm worried that she's not going to take it very well, with her academy time.”

“Probably not.” You say. “Will it be absolutely necessary?”

She hesitates, then shakes her head. “No, there are other ways, but that's the fastest and most accurate.” She says.


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