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>Galt laid a strong hand on his shoulder and hauled him out of his chair
>"In the home country we have a way of motivating fuccbois like you"
>He lowered the gleaming bronze tip of his khopesh to Jimmy's groin, letting it rest atop his bulge
>"No, not there!" Jimmy begged, "I'm saving it for Gizka!"
>He shivered, not entirely in fear, as the tip made its way lower, between his clenched buttocks
>His ass had not been used since his Dionysian adventures walking the streets of San Francisco as a young man
>It puckered slightly at the intrusion, but in the end resisted the intruder
>Galt placed his hand on the khopesh's hilt and roared, every muscle straining with the effort
>Jimmy whimpered as his tight boipussy was penetrated
>He could feel it tearing up his insides
>As it sunk deeper the pain of near-virginity gave way to intense pleasure
>Jimmy let out a throaty moan
>Working the sword in and out of his body, Galt leaned in and licked the sweat building on Jimmy's neck
>The smaller man shuddered, gasped, and fell still
>Satisfied, Galt withdrew his mighty khopesh and let Jimmy drop
>He left the same way he entered, tearing the frame from the wall as he went
>Jimmy smiled softly
>He felt the warmth dripping from his anus
>The game would never be finished if Galt continued to punish him like this
>Also Bones was there the whole time
>He likes to watch

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Reading through your edit, I realize that most of the furry scare was probably caused by trolls who knew that their degenerate fetish would disgust people and create a lulzworthy reaction.

I now feel bad about discriminating against them for so long. But here is the question: Did you realize as you were typing that that it was probably the truth? By replacing one despised outsider group with another, you have merely illustrated how easily the average person is trolled, and how we should all be a little less quick to jump to conclusions about posters from other boards or walks of life.

Or, did you just think it was a sick burn because you compared me to a furry? Do you realize that this literally makes you a bigot? You should come to /pol/ some time, you'd fit right in.

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Notice that naked corruption is not bad when Democrats do it, it's only bad when those evil Christian Rethuglicans do it.

Start a war in Libya and butcher millions of people? Fund ISIS and try to overthrow sovereign Syria? Help Nazis take over the Ukraine? Who fucking cares, at least she also wants to take your guns and believes that women are the true victims of war.

Eye opening, desu. They're worse than the Republicans ever wore, and twice as hypocritical. Can't wait until the Mexicans breed out all the white liberals and we can do away with all this progressive nonsense.

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Gettin a little gay in here, fags. Everyone got their daraprim?

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People who have no understanding of literature or storytelling, and whose taste in media does not extend beyond shitty anime, should not be trusted to make a categorization system for tropes

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/sos/ is now /lsg/.
How would you stat a Leopard Seal anyway, /sos/? For Yandere Zell purposes.

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