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There's fluff for that.

on an unrelated note, I haven't been on /tg/ for a month, and I already miss it. It was actually pretty nice not being on /tg/. No carnac, no excuse me threads, no clueless idiots asking questions about fluff that would be answered if they ever bothered to read it. This guy excluded, I wouldn't call this basic fluff

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>The Antichrist is not a fallen angel.
>implying Horus wasn't an angel
>Emperor = Satan
Then what's Chaos? It can't be Jesus because the Emperor was Jesus.
>When GW decides it's time for shit to go down in 40k due to sales or whatever, Imperium will get rekt and there will be a new setting created afterwards. Just like in my sigmarine ages.
I know this is true, I just don't want to believe in it.

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Your post is better than the screencap.
>And he has all the knowledge of the shamans too, so ho does know the basic things, and I mean, come on, at least one of those shamans would have been a father in some moment.
I'm sure that one never had to blast all four Chaos Gods out of his children, but what are you going to do?

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>Fuck, the Emperor isn't even relevant in human's history until the last half of the final chapter
Except for the part where he was relevant for pretty much all of it.

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OG fluff.
It goes onto say that he was upset when some of "his seeds of wisdom grew into uncontrollable engines of persecution and war among humanity."

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He's tried it in the past. He's just taking a new approach.
Also if I was a Word Bearer, I'd be saying the Chaos Gods made him a god and hoping people believe my ridiculous claim that the Dark Gods made their own worst enemy.

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>fedora plz
The next paragraph after pic related said he watched with sorrow after some of his seeds of wisdom transformed into uncontrollable engines of persecution and war that feed the very powers it was meant to combat.

He tried religion, it didn't work. Thus he tried to be an atheist.

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He was a monumental figure of world history.

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I'm not the one who was one or more religious messiahs.

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He tried to do things subtly. Then the Eldar fucked two of the greatest civilizations in the galaxy right out of existence.

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He just wanted people to worship magic men in the sky, and occasionally lead religions.

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They also used plural, so he wasn't just one.
But yeah, there's only assumptions >implications

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Eventually, the Emperor was created to be the equal and opposite of the Chaos Gods to stave them off and protect humanity, as he leads up to our ultimate psychic evolution.
pic related (and one more)

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He couldn't do anything about the idiot Eldar though

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>Just imagine if emps wasn't full-on fedora and let religion spread.
He tried that. Didn't work; "His seeds of wisdoms often failed to flourish or grew into uncontrollable monstrosities that transformed into vehicles for persecution and war."

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>He never wanted to be a god!
Never is a strong word.

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>Big E. Already having the knowledge of Chaos, decided to instead hide in a basement somewhere instead of activelly guiding mankind, letting Chaos do it's thing

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