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>DC: 70
>...... yup

Now, see, you'd had yourself mentally prepared for any number of godawful situations.

For instance, you could've been dumped into a particularly empty part of the hyperdimensional void, or onto an endless barren wasteland. You could've ended up in some glitchy backwater, or an infinitely looping realm that instantly turns everyone inside-out.

Instead, you find the fresh spring breeze caressing your cheeks before you unceremoniously faceplant against honest-to-Armok grassy loam.

Cursing under your breath, you clamber to your feet and ready your weapon, glaring wildly at your surroundings because SOMETHING'S gonna go wrong and charge up here and make a spirited attempt at kicking your scrawny ass-

All you hear is birdsong, and the wind whistling across the plains.

You lower your weapon suspiciously, waiting for the other shoe to drop as you take in the view. High above, blue skies go on forever into the horizon, dotted with the occasional fluffy white cloud, all of the same shape. Rolling vistas of perfectly green grass stretch out before you, and even the occasional patch of forest looks picture-perfect. Far in the distance are countless verdant plateaus, waterfalls streaming down their sides, all similar-looking yet infinitely varied.

And then it hits you- none of your party members are within sight or hearing range.

Desperate, you close your eyes and- nope, Therapist doesn't even seem to work properly, fuzzing in and out of focus.


You are all alone.


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I am dead serious I need you to confirm or deny this I didn't even know that was a thing I just followed the "X PRIDE WORLDWIDE" format, you know?


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“... Admiral?”

You blink, then jerk back to your senses.

You were not staring.

Shoukaku is blushing slightly.

This means you were staring and she fucking knows it.

“Sorry,” she says meekly, smoothing out her skirt. “Admiral Goto did a double-take the first time he saw me out of uniform, too. Most of the others are still in the forties, but I kind of enjoy the new fashions. So many options!” She smiles at you so brightly you're worried you might tan. “You look nice.”

You chuff with amusement. “From the seabag to your eyes, miss. I tend to pack light, sorry.”

She waves away the apology. “I mean it! You look so much more relaxed.”

And you feel it, too – that eagerness to just get out of the base and stretch your legs is still there, giddy and bouncing. “Thanks. Where did you want to go?”

She tilts her head slightly, strands of her long hair drifting across her chest in a fashion that begs attention you refuse to give. “Have you ever been to Tokyo, Admiral?”

“Can't say I have.”

She smiles again. “It's such an amazing city. It's so much more... more everything than I remember. Let's just walk around till we see a place we like!” Shoukaku's eyes are glittering with honest-to-god excitement.

>Sure, sounds good. They've got all sorts of places there.
>I wouldn't want to feed you anything not up to par. Want to ask Goto for suggestions?

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