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>implying >muh 6 million is only a /pol/ joke

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Fair enough, let's see if you succeed.
pic related

Ventrue calls the Malkavian and tells him that she has some ideas to investigate the weird dream. Malk says he didn't learn anything new, Ventrue senses that he lies, gets offended and decided to not tell him that she is about to brak into his sire's church. This is a problem I have with the Ventrue player, she gets very easily offended.

Malk goes to do some research on the internet, finds someone on the astral travel forums briefly mention how they thought they saw some sort of labyrinth. So he emails them and asks them where did they see the labyrinth. He also notices that all the insects from his house are leaving but completely botches the Animal Ken roll and thinks it's just a migration. He then botches the Occult roll and thinks that some vampires have the ability to just repel insects and that he somehow acquired it.

Ventrue goes to the church and manages to lockpick the shit out of it. She is almost spotted by the guards but sneaks past them via Obfuscate. She goes to the second floor and checks the doors. She also saw that there's stairs going down but she didn't go there. In one of the rooms she finds a small silver cross that radiates some sort of power and she finds a praying woman nearby. She quickly sketches what she saw and then runs away but the guards saw a glimpse of her.

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Sorry bro, not everyone has your elite patrician taste.

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