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Everyone, I'm still here, I lost power.
I am so sorry.

Next post almost done. Thank you autosave

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"Kayda!" You rush up behind your friend and give her a tight hug!

"Louise, hic- Seriously!" She scolds you, while trying to shrug you off. "What were you thinking?! We can't take that guy alone! You could -hic, You could have been seriously hurt!"

"Well we JUST DID!" You are beaming right now with joy. "We were so cool! We're the best team there ever was!"

"We didn't just beat him! He didn't turn into an animal ball! He's still out there!"
"Oh well." You massage the shoulders of your new best fire-throwing friend! "C'est la vie, we'll just burn him even HARDER next time!"

"There's not gonna be a next time!" Kayda pushes you off.

Her eyes, has Kayda been crying?
"Kayda, are you okay?"
"Look! I'm really not comfortable with fighting those guys, and that big guy in particular! Every time someone fights him, he just trains against that and gets even better at it!"
"Kayda calm down, we're two heroes and he's just a musclehead. We did great!"

"It's NOT THAT, It's that you went out alone, and I was gonna-start shooting and-" She sniffs, "and- then I saw Gilles around the corner and I didn't know if I should shoot or go geet help but-" She sniffs once more, her hands are trembling. "-but if I left I thought I was gonna lose you and- hic, and that you were gonna get-"

>Kayda, you just saw everything was okay! Please! Relax!
>What's with you? I had it all under control!
>Um, Kayda, are you crying?
>L-Let's just keep going.
>Let's sit down and talk about this for a minute. Why do you fear that guy so much?

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"It's.. the same way as before! Just walk up to it and hold the card against the giant. No different from a human, right?"

A thump in the distance indicates another footfall. Some car alarms blare in the distance.

"Masami. I don't think that's going to work."

"P-please, sweetie. Calm down." Mom tries to calm the air between the two of us.

It's not gonna work, though!

Kaori pouts, "I'm just saying we should use the things we have available right now. Just blow out it's knee or something, it'll fall down."
I clench my fists, "And crush HOW MANY people when it lands? No! We're gonna get it out of the city and fight it elsewhere!"
"Masami, don't be that way, just-"

"Are you going to help me, or not?!"
"I'll help if it's a sensible plan! Running at the giant monster makes no sense!"
"I'm done then! I'll be back when I beat this thing!"

"Masami, Wait!" Mom reaches out to grab my shoulder.

It's too late to stop me. I've already bounded off in the direction of the titan in the distance.


I land on a building overlooking the stone behemoth. It awkwardly swerves and leans as it struggles to maintain balance.

It's not exactly threatening from this standpoint. It's barely able to keept itself erect on two legs.

Gently taking out the card, I stealthfully hop over toward where one of its legs is planted. Placing the card against its foot; I concentrate.

Just think about pulling in Asai. This is just a much bigger Asai.

Just think about it.
Think about it..

Think about it...

Suddenly, that foot shifts. I hop backwards just as it lifts up and soars to its next resting place.

Kaori was right. That was like trying to push an elephant into a cardboard box.

>Try again!?
>Follow it. Think of something else!
>Like.. Making another card..
>Or.. somehow making your card's effect.. bigger.

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Oh no!
I told them to stay here, I told them to wait here!

Now they're gone! It wasn't the clown, she's standing right there.
Kaori has my phone number, so she would have called me if trouble came up.

So that means..
I've made everything worse again!

"JULIE!" Mom starts panicking as well. "JULIE! THIS ISN'T THE TIME!"


Mom and I look at one another. Slowly, the panic starts to overtake both of our faces.

Julie and Kaori are missing.

Quickly, both of us scramble to our phones. I tap Kaori's number and wait for her happy voice to come over the line.




Oh no.
"Masami.." Mom seems more sullen than upset.

"Hold on! We're not done yet! Just- Haruko!"
"We're on it!"

Haruko and I run over and give Mom a quick hug.
"You two go hide, we're going to look for them from the skies. It won't take long! Go hide this time, okay?"


"I'm going home though, right?"

I ignore the clown-girl and take off, with Haruko.


Just to be safe, we check the park where the adults were fighting Asai. Strangely enough, no one is there when we arrive.
We land nearby to catch our breaths. It's been difficult to keep up the panic, and I can feel the clock counting down.

"Really?" I ask.
"Yeah, by me." She pouts.

Suddenly, we hear a noise, behind us.
It's a familiar voice.
"Masami, Haruko. I don't want to scare you, but turn around very slowly."

We turn around to see-
To see..

Julie, Kaori. They're behind us.
Wrapped around them, almost like a coat, is a layer of concrete. It binds their arms, but leaves their legs free.

That concrete, it's moving, shuddering, very slowly. Like it's made out of puddi.


The world is getting dark.
Am I going to faint?

>Thread End.

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The note falls from my hand. I feel that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I go to say something, but instead my hands snap up to the sides of my head. They grab and gnaw at my scalp as my mouth opens agape, and the only feeling coursing through me right now crawls from my stomach and out into the world.


Another flock of birds takes off from the top of the tree.
My hands fumble in my pockets, causing my phone to flip out and hit the dirt. I pick it up and immediately hit the first tile on it.
"H-hello?" I hear a timid voice on the other end.

"What!? Is that what I heard?! Was that you?"
Oh, it's Aiko. She's inside right now.

"Hold on, I'll tell-"

I hit the next tile on my phone.
"Masami!" Kaori yells from the other end of the line, "What was that sound!?"
"Who took Cirrus?! Why did you call me when I can see you out the window?"

"You're not helping!" I yelp, then I hit the third tile.

"Masami, calm down." Mom says, there's timid chattering on the other side of the line. "Just calm down"

"Mom!" I squeak, "Being calm has never worked!"

"Sweetie, take a breath, come inside."


"Why. Why. Why. Why." My arms squeeze Kaori. Who makes a frustrated mumble.

"I just got off the phone with the police, Masami." Mom beeps her phone, "I filed a missing person report. They'll look around Fortune for her."

"I think she means-" Kaori sighs, "Is 'What have the police done about Fortune before?'"

"Oh, no no." Mom smiles, "I wasn't going to rely on them. I just wanted them to know so when we destroying things, it's not without precedent."
"Oh that's-"

Kaori stops, and I stop crying even if for just a moment.
"Mom, what did you just say?"

"I said, we're going to go over there and destroy everything to get Cirrus back."

>You are Mom, right?
>Hold on! I don't have a card ready yet!
>I don't know about this.

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Thank you both, I didn't think anyone would answer my question

Now I feel terribly sad

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I put my hand out as carefully as possible to the girl. She grabs a pillow and hides behind it.
"Are you Aina? Aiko's sister?"
"I'm Masami, remember me?"

"I do, but-" She doesn't drop her defense. "Listen! You really need to leave! Mom is going to be mad!"
"I know." I say to her.

Gently, I put my hand on her shoulder. She lowers the pillow, revealing her reddened cheeks.
I sit her down on the bed and give her a big hug. I can feel her crying into my shoulder as I do so.
"Please, it's okay."
"it's not." She wearily replies.

Julie sits down on her other side and hugs her as well.
I pick a strand of her hair.
"Your hair has grown since last time."
"I know." She replies, still sad, still weary.
"Do you want to tell me what happened?"

"Mom took Aiko." She says, sadly.
"Are you okay? Do you know why? Or where she took her?"
"I don't, I don't think I should be telling you."

That's a problem. You're not sure how to make her talk if she doesn't want to.
"If you don't tell me, I can't get Aiko back."
"M-mom doesn't want you to. She wanted to take me too, but I hid."

She grabs onto my shoulders, "I didn't want to make her angry! I just didn't want to leave home! I don't want to have anything to do with this!"

>Can you tell me what 'this' is?
>You don't want your sister to have anything to do with this either, right?
>What is your mother's plan, at least?
>You can hide at my place for a while, if you're scared here.
>It's probably not safe for you here, anyway.

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"I don't-"
He arcs his eyebrows.

Just as your fist connects with his stomach again.

He staggers, before falling right on his butt. Good.

There's silence as he contemplates what you just said.
Slowly, he starts to laugh.
"You want to see your Mom again? You really want to see her?"


He stifles a giggle, and stands to his feet.
"Fine, let's go see your mother."

A door appears on a nearby wall, he opens it and steps through. With me right behind him.
Where it leads us, is a big empty field. Rolling hills and green grass. In the distance is the edge of the city. And-

"THIS ISN'T MOM!" I go to punch him, but he puts up his hand.

"Your Mom is here, Masami." He smiles, "This is where I saved her nearly fifteen years ago."
"You.. saved her?"

Wait, do I really care?
"It was just after she was freed from Emperor's rule. She decided to try living a human life. She contacted some of the humans that were fighting against him and offered to tell them what she knew in exchange for running away and disappearing forever. But, it was a trap."
"A.. trap?"
"The red one, that guy who is your principal? He was millimeters away from ending your mother's life. If I hadn't had anticipated the treachery of humanity; this world would have been your reality. Fortune wouldn't have ever existed."

He looks toward me, his smile is gone.
"If you want to see where your mother would be here, look down."
At my feet, there is a single yellow tulip growing among the field of grass.

I hear a door shut. Looking over toward Asai, I notice that he's missing.
My eyes are burning again..

>Try to break out of his illusion! (How?)
>Cry really hard.
>Feel extremely betrayed.
>Don't care! Because none of it affects you!

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I am going to die alone and unloved.

Such is the life of the paladin.

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"Kaori, I know you're upset about what that guy said!"
"Yeah, of course you would know. You heard the whole thing."

Without saying anything else; she stomps back across the closet and flops onto the cot.

"-But! I'm here to tell you that no matter what he said, you're still my family! If he doesn't want a family, then that's his problem. But to me you'll always be my sister!"

She sighs and turns over in the cot. Facing away from me, she plays with her hair in silence.
"Don't tell me that you're actually listening to what that jerk said! You said it yourself, what would he know about having a family? He's never had one!"

"Masami... I think it's best if you just leave now."

"I said.. I think I need to be alone right now."

No no, that's not how this works.
I go over and climb into the cot with her, but she immediately springs out of it and walks to the other side of the room.
"I don't really want to talk about it, Masami."

"WHY!? Why are you so worried about him not being part of your family! I say good riddens, I wish my Dad would say that to me."
"MASAMI!" He spins around to glare at me. Her eyes are reddened, and I can see tears beginning to form on her cheeks once more.

"Don't you get it!? He's completely right! I don't have a father! And neither do you! And we're not sisters! We're just monsters that tell ourselves that to feel better about being alone! You can keep calling me sister all you want, but you're just lying to yourself. You barely even knew me a week ago, and family doesn't work that way!"

She's really listening to what he's saying. I can't believe this.

>What do I say?

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Heh heh.

"T-Thanks but, no."

I press the elevator door button and dial in the number of the top floor. As the doors slide close, I can hear the sound of footsteps on the other side running in the opposite direction. Is he seriously going to try outrunning the elevator to the top floor?

The elevator slowly starts to whir and hum as it rises through the floors. Floor 20... Floor 25... Floor 30...

Really, from what I can remember, it feels like we're almost there.

"Maeda." Aiko has a kind of panic in her voice.
"Do you.. hear that?"

All of us hold our breath, over the dull drone of the machinery, we can hear it.
Yelling, clashing, the sound of chaos. The sounds of battle.
Those sounds, they're gradually getting louder.
Until those sounds are almost unbearable to listen to.


"EEK", I practically leap into Aiko's arms

Something, large, just landed on top of the elevator.
And if the rhythmnic thumps are any indication, it has started walking.

"Floor 31..."

>No! Try to fight it in the elevator!
>Go up there and tell it exactly what you think.

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"What did that card mean exactly?" I ask, I'm worried about that reaction.
"It's nothing, really. The problem with my ability is that it's not very consistent. It depends on too many things to be very accurate most of the time. It may have been a reference to me or anyone else sitting at this table." She finishes, and looks almost winded from her explanation.

I have no reason to doubt her, certainly not the most crazy power that I've seen all day.

There's something terrible happening if Fortune really is involved, my mother is the CEO right? So is she ordering all this to happen? Maybe, maybe they would know the answer.

"Do you..." I have to ask the question, I know it's a terrible thing to even think, as it's the one place of solitude and safety in my life

But I have to know

"Do you think I can trust my mother anymore?", the sentence ending with a distinctively girly squeak. Within an instant, Aiko has her arms wrapped around me again.
And the tears are flowing.

The other members sit and stare. Some of them look back and forth to one another.


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With this kind of crying face.

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I think it's cute...

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why would you do that, man

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