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But I'm not horny...

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>When you think of an idea for an existential/ psychological horror story based off the implications of the tau existing and being relatively not grimdark.
Th-there's still time to write a short story and enter it into the warhammer horror thing, r-right?

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Fire warriors are harder to replace.

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>What made you choose your army?
Aesthetics and lore

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They're practically fanfiction.

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Surprisingly relevant.

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Tau are more popular than Chaos Space Marines?

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What are their equivalent to the bourgeoisie or jews since they are compared to communists and nazis?

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If by worst you mean they are militarily the weakest on the galactic scale rather than you personal displeasure at them then yes they probably are the worst.
Although an argument could be made that they are among the stronger per capita.

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