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They're trying to be polite.
As >>71269151 said, they're telling you that they don't want to play warhamemr with (You). There's likely an aspect of your personality that they know would make you a very unfun person to play warhammer with, but don't dislike you enough to be blunt about it. Just take their advice and walk away.
Maybe look into playing one of the RPGs. Model your specific character for it, play the videogames. Watch youtube videos where autistic europeans talk about the setting lore. But avoid the wargame itself. You will ruin their fun.
Have a cat to balm your wounds.

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Smite spam.

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> Sanguinor and Sanguinary Guards from afar.

Did not notice that the fist time I see it.

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Are there any kots in 40k?

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Holy shit do the space elves look stupid. Who the fuck thought those retarded helmets were a good idea?

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It seems like 40kg became shitposting general instead. Can't get much actual list advice or tactics discussion, but some retarded bait gets a ton of replies. Sad really.

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Most of the shit in those is just pure wishlist, the Teleport Homer of RW allows DW to deepstrike in within 9" of the enemy is bullshit.

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>He thinks thats Chad tier
Have you even been outside?

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Hold up, are Fyreslayers not Chaos Dwarves? If not what's the difference?

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>somebody actually solved it
Good job anon!

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Any advice on what I'm for?

Like what do the DE bring to the table? What are their strengths and weaknesses compared to mine?

Also did I pick the wrong army to start 40k with?

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ahhh but it's so expensive though

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Holy shit are we actually still discussing the Skyrim civil war.
Because that entire plot-line was irredeemably stupid from the moment they introduced it and I tried my hardest to completely ignore it at every opportunity.

Even if you put aside all the dumb shit that's already been pointed out time and again it doesn't even make sense for you to join either faction in context. There's zero justifiable reason to support the Stormcloaks unless you happen to be a Nord and the Imperials almost cut your fucking head off before the game even started.

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Hey guys,

Got invited to a Shaadowrun game this Saturday by my DND group. I've never played Shadowrun before and they said they are creating a character for me, and all I need to do is show up. However I just dont want to show up not knowing anything.

>If there was one thing you wished all new shadowrun players knew, what would it be?

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This cat doesn't like the snow

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Totally, I gotta take Calcium supplements because of my freakish hate of milk.

Anyway, incoming greentext of >>44059849
Be prepared.

>Known girl for a year
>Initiated friendship after noticing her on FA
>Dreadful but tru senpai
>She's a good artist and draws gore which I love
>but half her shit is inflation
>I think she's turning me through exposure
>cause i find stomachs kinda attractive now
>pitch a game of pathfinder with her, her friend, and another friend
>goes swimmingly
>i get hospitalized and the game dies in the middle of same spacefarring bullshit
>bit later
>im free bitches
>get a cheeseburger
>go back home
>rest for like 4 days
>hit them up about another sesh
>its near halloween so i mention spookery
>they all say yes
>we have a couple new dudes too so its gonna be cash
>skype call one day
>begins asking me about character creation
>"well, anon..."
>fuck she found them
>she found the bloatmages wiki page
>then the bloodmage class on d20pfsrd
>I fold because I don't wanna be the magical police
>and she didn't do anything out of the question yet
>"I wanna be a dhampir!"
>"Oh, but it's gonna be a bother for all of you if I'm trudging along at a 10 ft movement speed all day..."
>she was right
>gave her enchanted pendant that alchemically converted the properties of their blood to be lighter than air
>gave them mount to tie themselves to
>pic related, mfw I can't bring myself to fuck over the synergy of the campaign just to have this thing float off into the sky and pop so she can reroll a sheet
>mfw no one but the other dude in on it realizes how magical this realm is

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Don't worry, I understand the autistic desire to revamp classes.

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It was first discovered by the Breton explorer Eugenne Redmont.

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New fag here. Anyone know of a good guide for playing this game and deck building? My buddy gave me a Theros Holiday Gift Box and a Kytheon, Hero of Akros for free. The gift box had a polluted delta in it, but the store owner said everything else was trash. I dont want to take his word on everything because at the end of the day he's trying to make a buck.

With a new "format" coming out in oct, should I wait to buy cards until the new set is released?

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>There will never be a TES Elsweyr because having a majority of cat people running around wouldn't be enough of a easily digestible generic fantasy archetype to not scare off the "wider audience".
>If it ever does happen somehow all the other Khajiit species like the giant battle cats, elves-Khajiit, house cats, and actual catgirls are going to be retconned out of existence.

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Hey guys just played a game where my opponent bought 2 flyrants, a terv, a carnifex, and some guants to a 1K points game. I play space marines (minotuars chapter tactics) and I'm looking for advice on dealing with that. Because I got rolled lol.

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Well, I'm really digging the--

>excluding the Paladin vs Necromancer party


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