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Speaking of, we have more details on how it'll operate.

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As the Assembly is now fully restored,I hereby commence this Galactic Federation meeting.

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For anybody that wants to see them, I've got links to the original Starfinder livestream (involving a lot of playtesting with a mechanic, technomancer, and solarion) that goes between a playtest and proceeds into a Q&A session later on.

the second link is to a stream video where they tested out the starship combat system. No Q&A session here, but still very informative.


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I really hope Starship customization is a big thing in Starfinder. That kinda shit is important.

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>Starfinder Livestream
A bit late to the party, but here's some details about what went down:
>Armor is divided into Kinetic AC and Energy AC
>Higher base damage numbers overall, but you also have a buffer called "Stamina" that acts like a shield for your real hit points
>Can take brief (about 10 minute) breaks to recover stamina
>Goblins are now basically vorcha; interstellar pests
>Magic is homogenized so there's no arcane/divine/occult divide, and none of the core classes get above 6th level spells (9th level are available, just not to core classes)
>Mechanic can overcharge gear and get a neat action economy tradeoff with their drone - either they take actions themselves, or they sacrifice actions so that the drone can take more than one action per turn. All Spellcasting is also spontaneous.
>Will include gravity rules, including 0G
>High tech armor and weapons are assumed to be the norm
>More Skill condensing, like what happened in the shift ffrom 3.5 to Pathfinder
>More Scaling, fewer set DCs
>Apparently there's Tyranids
>The Han will be an insectoid player race
>Basic Economy is Credits and UPB (Universal Polymer Base), one is standard and has no weight, being electronic, while the other is hard currency and can be used to craft things. Their prices are equivalent; 1 Cred = 1 UPB
>Crafting is Skill based, no feats required
>Option to upgrade old gear into new equipment if for some reason you're attached to a particular item
>Magic and enchanting is still a thing - nothing but cost stops you from having a +1 holy plasma cannon
>Antagonists include 'nids, pirates, corporations, evil religions, and more
>Alignment is still a thing
>Power armor and small mechs (like 40k Terminator armor) are core. Gundams to come later.
>Spaceships are assumed to be available to everybody. they don't work on the standard currency system.
>Space squids can grapple ships.
>Hellknights are still around.
>Archetypes apply to all classes

That's everything.

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Oh hell yeah, man.

Actually, if anybody's curious, there's five big tidbits we got about Starfinder from that podcast.
>There's a general conceit that the players will have a Starship, so the party as a whole gets one straight up. Because of this, each new book is going to have starship chassis or components included in them.
>Warp travel is done by going between the planes and pulling energy in from them. this is actually pretty dangerous, as pulling in said energy might pull in something more solid, basically making warp travel in Starfinder like warp travel in 40k, just with an equal chance of really pissed off angels as there are of daemons.
>The power conceit is meant to shift away from magic being all-powerful to technology being the big thing, with magic being a supplementary to that. Because of this, a well equipped soldier should be able to consistently solo a higher level barbarian, for instance. Thankfully, this likely means a complete overhaul of the guns and armor rules.
>Bestiaries for Starfinder are going to have less creatures in them overall, but in exchange will have more space devoted to each creature and, if it's Sapient, how to play it.
>It is NOT the same system. It'll have the same basis - that of the D20 ruleset, for instance - but things will have been changed. Skills will be different, different feats, different classes, and all that. there'll be noies on how to convert things between the two games, but they won't be DIRECTLY compatible with each other.

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I have a feeling most of those were either stolen or the resources to make them given to us during suitfal.

Indeed, the industrial state of the world is still pretty bad even with dozens of nations supporting us. We've even been so desperate as to steal a cargo ship from North Korea just to bribe the French to come into the fold (surprisingly France has survived a lot better than much of Europe).

However, Reddit has indeed been the exception to the rule.

While the world was in shock in the early months after suitfal, factories destroyed, infrastructures collapsed, and economies decimated

They got to work.

Reddit is canonically the smallest of the three waves to have recieved the least amount of pods and the smallest resource pool. However, they were specifically selected for their ingenuity, efficiency, and productivity.

While we were having trouble finding enough .50 calls to give to our bases and soldiers, they had already built 3 superforts ready for launch in Rhode Island as well as 3 power plants to charge them (which we summarily blew up along with most of Rhode Island. . .)

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