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Wizards are very versatile as they get to dip into any Tradition they like without fully investing. Although they don't gain any extra castings like they would for actually learning spells, which means the spells they actually do learn will be getting cast less than a Cleric's learned spells. They gain more castings of lower ranked spells, and gain a flexible pool of points they can use to cast any spell they do know. That's all on top of the standard free pick of Traditions that comes from being a "generic" secular magic Path. Clerics, on the other hand, get twice the Health which is a pretty big increase. They gets a boon vs being spooked by spooky creatures which is pretty massive as that can really fucking suck. Then they're about the total opposite of the Wizard, instead of more spells they just do their spells better. They're very blasty, a boon goes a long way on a caster, but if you've grabbed Life (a common pick for religious casters) then you've got some improvements there. Generally though they're just very blasty religious casters, and being a religious caster means they're restricted to their religion's three Tradtions, rather than the Wizard's free pick.

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