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Oh no! I've become a woman!

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This is how I crossplay. Not.

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I think it'll hardly happen.

After all, Guilty Gear's already got pic related.

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That will definitely happen; the serial killer hasn't escaped yet, but since he was one of our toughest enemies there is no doubt in my mind we will see him again eventually.

And because of how the shota-super taunted him last time, he swore to make him into a real girl before he'll kill him when they'll meet again.

>I just love the idea of a bratty cocktease supershota that keeps falling victim to various damsel in distress and eye candy tropes
I love it aswell, but the damsel in distress part is a little difficult, especially since he's a tough little bastard with a love for violence and a bratty attitude, who wouldn't just watch from the sidelines, but rather just join into the fray whenever he can.
The eye-candy part I completely understand and support: it's especially fun since the fire-superhero loves it and the battlesuit doesn't mind me picturing him like that.

Pure bliss...

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