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Enjoyed this. My only grievance was the ambiguity of spending points on skills and magics in relation to having them "favoured". Otherwise, I like the style and the recurring brevity in the descriptions.

Frontiersman. A humble abode in the mountains, built by my da' after serving as a knight. Peaceful, hard days.

Innerwoods Camp. Da' used to say that peace was the burden of society--that it was the responsibility of those who admired this ideal to work cohesively to protect it. I aspired to do great deeds, and so da' thought it best to send me to a place with like-minded lads.

Hunter. The camp was rigorous and tough, almost as much as da' putting me to work at home was. But I had mastered discipline before I had arrived, and so it was down to work ethic, but an evolving one. I had relished the sparring sessions, the tracking, and the encounters. Still do.

{e} Melee; when da' wasn't working me, he was training me. I was proficient in swords and hands before I even arrived at the camp.
{i} Stalking; been over 30 years since camp. Only a handful of folks have seen me coming. Nobody yet to see me going.
{i} Mobility; when the going got tough, I got going.
{i} Survival; navigating the mountains is easy, but cities? Those took some getting used to.
{b} Crafting; da' taught me, albeit with his belt, that good tools are expensive and--if maintained--will last a lifetime.

>Primal Magic
{e} Animal Companion; during my trial I encountered a beast I'd never dreamt of before. It was majestic, its mane flowing in the wind, and it ambled with more pride than any dragon, and over still waters. But it was powerful--built like a horse, and larger still. When it turned at my approach, I felt a shiver that I have never since felt. It spoke, its voice reminiscent of a banshee's howl, and asked my name, and then told me what it was called. Grisgeld.


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That's not good!

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Guys, I have an idea for an app for this game that requires your help in picking the right source of both his powers and his worship.


Would Oracle || Occultist be the best combination for a character inspired heavily by Lovecraft? He's going to need to be of "a wastrel line fallen into decadence" or maybe even "of a negroid sort."

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Okay then, what would you suggest I take if I want to make a level 10 lightly armored swordsman who floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee? I'm genuinely curious because I just see a +1 AC feat and go "hehe, more AC!"

So far the build is [Warder (ZS) 6 / Landsknecht 4 || Fighter (Weapon Master) 8 / Duelist 2, which means the only feats I have to get is Quick Draw.

Power Attack (free), Furious Focus, Quick Draw, Shield Focus, Improved Initiative, Defensive Expertise, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Weapon Finesse and Dueling Mastery are what I've got so far...

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>a big strong ex-merc who was looking to settle down and shed his human disguise
>only to get wrapped up in fey rulership selection after living life as a kitsune
>not being something with immense potential to be cute

what are you, some kind of fag?

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But do the death machines have to be evil?

You can have both if you try, but sometimes you need someone to keep you company until you find someone to start again with.

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And here's something that could work for the token, or if someone wants a face.

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>Breaking rules is ALWAYS bad because of the book and the XP budget and my austism REEEEEEEEEEEE
>If you can break the rules you MUST make a loli demigod, that what I would do

>Found the guys who never DMed

XP budgets don't mean shit if you're playing with people that ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY, my lvl 6 party steamrolled a CR 12 encounter (way beyond deadly) that I thrown in using just "book rules" so that 1-2 of them could fall (big bad girl would retreat after)

Here let me tell you how I break rules for EVERYBODY's fun
>Party have traveled forward in time from entering and leaving Feywild
>War lost, city razed, warring factions are now "old enemies (basically ISIS) vs undead"
>Their old captain (which they liked) was killed by the executioner (an abominable Yeti reskinned as the Butcher in Diablo)
>Old captain is raised as a Revenant, hellbent on killing the executioner
>Party assists him in killing the executioner
>Revenant's grudge gone, he should've disintegrated/whatever
>INSTEAD, Old cap's spirit rises from the ashes and tells them the location of his secret stash of McAwesome (would have the armor they bought but didn't get, some weapons/armor for the town's resistance, and some maps)

But alas they didn't save him... thing are going to get not-easier.

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