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Don't tell the Commissar but....I'd totally fuck one of these things.

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What are the Tyranids running from?

Could it be the Skaven?

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The market will be flooded with Nidcoin.

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>if Italians are white
>very wrong about an exercise
er than you mohamed

and back on topic
when will tyranids get a battletome? you're telling me the bugs dont have a home in the mortal realms? there are only like 3 destruction armies, easy add, no work involved. Does GW just not like money?

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>ancient race of bug people
dont tease me friend

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Welcome to Nobledark Imperium: a relatively light fan rewrite of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, with a generous helping of competence and common sense.



>More squats
>More of Vulkan's life and history, as well as debate over the Promethean Creed.
>Fenris' "totally not a navy" against the jerks of the Olamic Quietude
>Commorragh and math. The Dark Eldar really are sadists.

>More writing and synthesis of the stuff on the Notes page.

and, of course...
>More bugs
>More weebs
>More Nobledark battles

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Jumpers, is there any reason to not be a Tyranid?

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Hey there, I was wondering if anyone knew where I can find a PDF of the new Tyranid Codex?

I am thinking about starting an army but I wanted to pick up the codex and review it before i made up my mind and paid for the hard copy.
I live in the middle of the woods. So, it is an hour+ drive to anywhere and i would really appreciate the help.

Thanks guys.

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Fail, no /40kg/ in thread, gg no re, only Skree

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Reborn as the hive mind and shit all over the smurfs then meme on chaos for a while.

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So what's the largest army?

Tyranids, Orks, Imperial Guard?

I'm looking for something with the maximum possible amount of miniatures, thanks.

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Rolled 67, 18 = 85 (2d100)

nid players: how do you deal with enemy characters?

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Jesus fucking christ kill the fuck out of it.

Furthermore fuck the Q'orl. Nids rule all.

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>ADB thinks chaos will win

Oh sweetie how cute. I think you have it wrong though.

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>pussy ass space EALFS who exist only as alliance food for the Imperium so G-man can have fun with his eldar waifu
>can't decide weither they're whiny-ass weak "keikaku" hipsters, brooding teenage spikey edgelords or clownfaced weirdo's
>still believe that they are an important race in 40k, and not another NPC xenos like the rest
Go home, bitch. Before I tear your craftworld a new one.
At least I know what my race is good for. Eating everything and making the Imperium struggle for survival.

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Can Tyranids eat daemons?
Can Daemons harvest warp energy from Tyranids?

If Chaos cannot survive if nids conquer the galaxy, and the Tyranids cannot draw sustenance from Daemons (since they aren't technically physical matter) shouldn't the ruinous powers be actively trying to exterminate the tyranid invasion? Seeing as if the nids win and leave the milky way they lose all their food.

Also is there any reliable way to eat tyranid? Considering how they must be made out of muscle fibers, which can be cooked. And it would be a waste of resources to try and make ALL of your innumerable footsoldiers toxic.

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Who /Tyranids player/ here? Where are my brethren at?

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Dubs decides color scheme for my Nids

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Heroic picture: Warrior #392c
(googled "Heroic Traits)
>Courage: Literally has no fear
>Passion: Is connected to his entire race through the Hive mind
>Integrity: Devotes himself fully to his people
>Honesty: Shares his thoughts with the entire hive mind, keeps no secrets from them
>Confidence: Leads scores of lesser warriors to battle, without doubt in his skill or ability
>Patience: Will never give up in Battle, will always try to find a way to win
>Selflessness: Is willing to sacrifice himself for the good of his people without a second thought
Caring: Uses his psychic powers to encourage his fellow fighters and prevent them from feeling pain, willing to lay down his life for his brothers and sisters, especially his leader (Hive Tyrant)
>Resolve: Incorruptible in his purpose, can't even be corrupted by chaos
>Noble: Give defeated enemies the chance for redemption by converting and consuming their biomass for the hive fleet, so that they may prove their worth as new fighters of the Tyranids


Chaosfags and Emprahfags btfo
You will never love your own people if you can't "be" them.
The true heroes are here to liberate the Galaxy.

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With the launch of the new edition of 40k rules there are army Indexes with all the data sheets and a new rule book. I'm just starting back into the hobby and I'm trying to find a specific .pdf/epub for one of these books. I've seen camera jpgs of the pages in the early leaks but with the official launch I was wondering if anyone has a link to the official digital release files somewhere? I need Index: Xenos 2 badly for on the fly reference.

If you suspect heresy, report to your nearest Commissar immediately.

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What are good weapons options for Warriors? I have two boxes that I have to build.

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So some of the two most horrific factions to ever grace science fantasy go up against each other to prove who is truly superior. Who will win this clash of titans /tg/?

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